20+ years old? Yep. But 20+ years new, too: the HPE and Citrix alliance

HPE and Citrix have been partnering at the strategic level for over 20 years

It’s impressive. It’s way longer than most marriages last. And it’s due to three major commitments we share:

  1. Commitment to excellence – both HPE and Citrix know that nothing but the very best will do in terms of helping companies like yours achieve their business goals. So, we settle for nothing less.
  2. Commitment to innovation. Nothing stands still these days. Quite the opposite. Technology and markets are moving faster than ever. Innovation is absolutely necessary to respond to change. So, we consistently provide it.
  3. Commitment to you. Both HPE and Citrix fully understand that we do not exist in a vacuum. Excellence and innovation are fine for their own sake, but they are so much better when placed at the service of customers like you. So, we always keep the focus on you.

20+ years is definitely admirable for a strategic relationship. But today, we are putting our three mutual commitments to work to address the new challenges you face, now and into the future, including the need to:

  • Move to Hybrid IT models with a mix of on prem and cloud based apps and data
  • Adopt multi-cloud because multi-cloud is a new requirement for business and IT
  • Make security an even greater priority than it has been
  • Make it simpler in every possible aspect, thereby freeing up the enterprise to focus even more on its core business

Defining the new ways we can help

New challenges require new solution. HPE and Citrix are constantly determining how we can use our “old” alliance to create the newest and best for you. Typically, this involves leveraging our complementary strengths:

HPE is all about Hybrid IT and the Intelligent Edge, plus using our Pointnext services to help you transform, adopt and deliver new business models. In turn, these will make it easier for you to deliver higher levels of service to your won customers, as well as save money and reduce risk.

Citrix leads in the ability to help you secure, mobilize, and optimize app and data delivery, making it easier to create the work place of the future.

Together, we bring you solutions that have been tested and proven to work perfectly together to deliver the results you want and need.

“New” solutions ready for you right now

The HPE and Citrix alliance is currently focusing on delivering Workspace Solutions for Hybrid IT, bringing the flexibility of cloud services to on-premises systems.  HPE delivers secure, multi-tenant digital workspaces with shared resources that can be rapidly composed, decomposed, and recomposed to meet the demands of each user powerful software-defined solution that lets you manage your infrastructure as code.

Here are specific areas of collaboration:

  1. Intelligent Edge offerings for key workloads like financial trading and engineering. The goal here is to bring you the performance you need to boost mobile productivity and speed innovation, while maintaining IT operational control and improving operational efficiency with secure digital workspaces designed and configured for your industry.
  2. Hyper Converged Appliance, allowing you to streamline, scale, and enable secure digital workspaces with unmatched performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. It’s all based on HPE SimpliVity that combines your IT infrastructure and advanced data services into a single, integrated all-flash solution. It’s a proven way to empower end users and drive increased productivity, while boosting increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. We are delighted to inform our joint customers at Citrix Synergy of HPE SimpliVity intention to participate in the Citrix Ready HCI Workspace Appliance program.  We look to announcing general availability at HPE Discover 2018 where Citrix will be a sponsoring partner.

You’ll find complete information on the HPE – Citrix alliance and the joint solutions we offer on our alliance web site.