AGI Can Make Smart Cities Even Smarter

The city is not just a collection of buildings, neighbourhoods, and roads. It is a “living thing,” ever-changing, constantly growing and re-forming. Its population – both numbers and composition – is constantly changing, which means that the services residents need have to constantly be adjusted. As cities have gotten bigger and more complicated, administrators have […]

The three As: a telco’s best investment

For a service provider (SP) to compete in an increasingly competitive market, it must invest in three categories. It’s well understood that analytics, AI and automation, the three As, will pave the way for any telco looking to futureproof its operations. But how can SPs make sure their investment is worthwhile? Here, Amr Houssein, managing […]

Top 5 Tips for Proactive Active Directory Disaster Recovery

Imagine learning that one of your most foundational systems has no disaster recovery plan. If it goes down, no one has the faintest clue how to restore it. Now, imagine learning that not only is there no plan, but there are also no backups. This isn’t just a scary story to keep CSOs up at […]