Understanding the role of the modern CIO

Is the CIO a bridge builder, the engineer who designs the bridge, or the forecaster of the bridge’s toll revenues? The answer is that the CIO’s role is a combination of all these functions. Over the last couple of years, CIOs have transformed from fulfilling functional, technology-operations roles into broader remits, including being strategic change […]

Three web data collection trends to look out for in 2023

As economic uncertainty and budget cutbacks persist, the demand for public web data scraping is set to continue growing. Why? As businesses navigate the economic downturn, there is a need for quality and reliable data to help them make successful business decisions since there is very little room for error. Read on to find out […]

Why the time is now for telcos to implement Quantum-safe networks

At Mobile World Congress in September, Luke Ibbetson, head of R&D at Vodafone, said: “Quantum computing is by far the biggest revolution in computing since the 1950s.” This is not an overstatement. Quantum computers will be capable of easily performing calculations beyond the capabilities of classical computers, including those involved in cracking public key cryptography […]

Bring your remote teams together in VR

The workspace of the future is here The team from vSpatial gave us an introduction to their virtual workplace as-a-Service solution. vSpatial is a productivity-focused virtual office application. Users interact with this space in VR (virtual reality) using the Oculus and other VR devices. vSpatial are pushing the boundaries of personal computing and redefining productivity in a virtual reality age. […]