Strength in numbers: Mid-size manufacturers and cloud security

To stay ahead of adversarial attacks, mid-size manufacturers must lean on the cybersecurity strengths of cloud service providers For the second year in a row, manufacturing was the top cyber-attacked industry, according to IBM research. These attacks can shut down plants and force manufacturers to pay millions to regain access to their systems. For some manufacturers, […]

Cloud-as-a-Service: Perfect Cloud Provisioning

A Fully Managed Drop in Cloud Solution CloudSigma CEO, Robert Jenkin, shares details of their Cloud-aaS offering and why it empowers IT service providers to move beyond the low margin public cloud reseller approach. Find out more here: Featured image: Adobe

Leveraging Tech to Support Postpartum Moms

Solving postpartum’s simple, complex and invisible challenges with technology Joyuus are using technology to assist new mothers during the 12 months postpartum. We spoke to their two founders about the program and their startup journey. Visit their site for more information: