Natural language processing for business: a practical guide

How OpenAI can improve business productivity ChatGPT is receiving an estimated 96 million visitors per month. According to Statista, in business applications the AI-powered chatbot is most commonly used by technical and educational organisations. A strategic use of natural language processing tools in applications where human-like responses are helpful can improve productivity, by automating laborious […]

It’s not always malware

Every day, cyber incidents and their subsequent downtimes seem to fill the news These downtimes, both costly and damaging to consumer trust, have rightfully been something that CISOs and CIOs work to prevent with increasingly sophisticated security measures. But sometimes the most damaging “disasters” are the simplest. Earlier this year, one of the hyperscalers suffered […]

Five Critical Ways to Protect Your Software Supply Chain

Every company building software is building a software supply chain. They do this through assembling open source components and libraries to speed up development or access new technologies, through use of third-party APIs from partners or services to add functionality, or the use of open source tools in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). DevOps teams heavily rely […]