Twilio and AWS extend partnership with delivery of SMS for Simple Notification Service

Twilio has announced an extended collaboration with Amazon Web Services, building on the long-time relationship between the two companies.

Through this collaboration, Twilio is helping AWS provide the delivery of SMS messages through the Amazon Simple Notification Service.

Together, the two companies are working to provide developers and the enterprise the tools and intelligence to manage and scale communications globally on nearly any communications channel.

Amazon SNS customers can now benefit from the suite of intelligent software tools and carrier relationships that Twilio has built over the years to handle bulk messages and better ensure message delivery — further allowing developers to focus on customer engagement rather than device or communications channel.

The collaboration between Twilio and AWS on SMS delivery is one of many examples of the long-standing relationship between the two companies, including Twilio’s long-time use of AWS to host its platform and Amazon’s investment in Twilio last year during Twilio’s Series E round.

“AWS believes in the value of efficient, scalable technology solutions that can elevate developers’ role to concentrate on building great applications, rather than managing infrastructure,” said Marco Argenti, Vice President, Mobile and IoT, Amazon Web Services.

“We are thrilled to be working with Twilio, and we’ll continue to work together to help empower developers to communicate with their users seamlessly across devices.”

“Amazon Web Services truly embodies the spirit of iteration upon which Twilio was built,” said CEO and Co-Founder Jeff Lawson. “With this latest collaboration, we’re strengthening the communications ecosystem with scalable, efficient tools that ensure the best option for delivering a message is available.”

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