Accenture & Apple announce dedicated IOS practices for enterprise

Apple & Accenture announce the launch of joint practices and new tools to help business users make the most of their IOS devices

Accenture is partnering with Apple to help companies engage current and potential customers more effectively through the iOS operating system, which powers Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. The leading mobile enterprise platform, iOS provides unmatched simplicity backed by powerful hardware, and its security capabilities are second to none. Accenture’s expertise is focused on their ability to create new revenue sources for their clients, including improving customer experiences. Further expertise in productivity and cost reduction makes Accenture a natural partner for Apple.

Pierre Nanterme, Accenture’s chairman and CEO believes “iOS is the superior mobile platform for businesses.”

By combining Accenture’s vast digital capabilities and industry expertise with Apple’s market leadership in creating products that delight customers, we are in a perfect position to help our clients transform the way they work.

The labs will take place within Accenture Digital Studios across the globe, Apple experts will work alongside Accenture employees to help customers decipher the new tools and services. Participants will be given innovative new means of engaging with customers through iPad and iPhone devices, helping companies leverage their investments on the ever-growing device landscape. Members of these collaborative teams will include iOS programmers, visual and experience designers, software and hardware design experts, and data scientists and architects.

Apple has refined its iOS platform over the years. The new ecosystem will let businesses take advantage of Apple’s technology and combine them with backend systems. Accenture has extensive experience in system integration, which will work well with technology developed by Apple alongside Cisco, SAP, and other companies. New tools will help users make the most of the Internet of Things, providing powerful templates and code to help fuse the IoT with iOS apps. To help clients switching from legacy programs to new apps, the team will also create migration tools to ease the transition.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook believes his company has been “transforming how work gets done.”

We believe that businesses have only just begun to scratch the surface of what they can do with our products. Both Apple and Accenture are leaders in building incredible user experiences and together we can continue to truly modernize how businesses work through amazing solutions that take advantage of the incredible capabilities of Apple’s technologies.

The fact the announcement comes just a few weeks before the rumored launch of new iPhone could be a provide a clue to the direction Apple intends to take the new model to capture a bigger share of the enterprise market.