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The future is now – the future is hyper-available!

As we interact with technology on a daily basis and come to expect that data will be available instantaneously, any slow-down or disruption that occurs across the infrastructure stack (storage, networks, servers and VMs) causes an “app-data gap”.  This disrupts the application and makes users wait for a response – which can ultimately cause your business to lose money.  No business can afford lengthy app-data gaps, and no business can afford to ignore the fundamental shift in the way we expect our data to always be available.  Not to mention the additional pressures on IT admins to provide a cloud strategy and juggling the day-to-day reality of keeping the current infrastructure running.

So as you try to figure out how to take advantage of cloud-related offerings and decide between perceived agility and cost benefits vs. your legacy infrastructure – consider deploying cloud-ready storage on-premises.  You will be better prepared for moving to the public cloud and achieve agility benefits within your own datacenter.  Modern approaches to storage and data placement can natively link primary storage, secondary storage, and public cloud storage to easily move application data and avoid lock-in.

So what’s the answer? 

Intelligent Data management with Predictive Analytics can close the app-data gap.  Just as driverless cars offer the potential promise of safer roads, less traffic, and faster travel we believe that we’re entering an era where we have the tools to apply AI within the datacenter.   Through a combination of rich telemetry and sensors, cross correlations between components, real-time predictive analysis, and global learning it becomes possible to do this.

HPE is a leader in this space with the acquisition of Nimble Storage and the InfoSight predictive analytics platform.  At the show this week we’ll be unveiling information on our latest release of the Next-gen HPE Nimble Storage platform: Storage Class Memory, NVMe Ready, now with Inline always-on dedupe on the Hybrid Flash arrays, and an innovative “Store More guarantee.”

But let’s not forget that while proactively maximizing application uptime and preventing outages with AI and machine learning is all well and good, you still need a data protection strategy to reduce the risk of data loss and ensure rapid recovery in the event of failure, natural disaster or more recently, malicious ransomware attack.

So why not put your Backup Data to work with the HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Array with Veeam Software?  Built on the same innovative Hybrid flash architecture as other HPE Nimble Storage arrays that add always-on INLINE data reduction: deduplication and compression.  Its flash performance lets you use your backup data for development/test, QA, analytics, and eliminates the need for full backups while it reduces synthetic full backups from hours to just minutes.  Its Infosight Predictive Analytics delivers 99.9999% measured availability by resolving 86% of problems before you become aware of an issue and can future-proof your data center with its cloud-ready technology -built in.

Infosight is also available on our HPE 3PAR StoreServ primary arrays with the same technology to predict and prevent failure by proactively resolving issues before you are even aware that there’s a problem.  Our first release boasts cross stack analytics that pinpoint the bottlenecks in your virtualized environments and the foundation to enable predictive support.  Learn more about Infosight on HPE 3PAR here.

The business value of Hyper-Availability Storage from HPE and Veeam

New research conducted by IDC indicates some of the compelling financial and availability benefits – regardless of your organization’s size – delivered by a joint HPE and Veeam Hyper-Availability solution.  The research shows that with an integrated solution based on HPE 3PAR StoreServ, HPE StoreOnce data protection hardware and Veeam Software you can create a highly-available, cost-effective, and efficient environment for storing, protecting and recovering data and VMs, while benefitting from a 262% five-year ROI on your investment, improved data availability, reduced risk of data loss, and streamlined IT operations.  Read more in our business value whitepaper here.

To summarize, HPE and Veeam’s technology and business partnership is built on a shared vision, complementary world-class technology and common go-to-market channels that significantly benefit customers and partners alike.  Together, HPE and Veeam are delivering the data hyper-availability that the world demands with predictive analytics that closes the app data gap and flash-integrated data protection that delivers proven and compelling financial and availability benefits

HPE is committed to a roadmap of Compute, Storage, Software and Services offerings – from the edge to the core to the cloud – that will transform how you process data in a machine based learning/AI world, how we move data back from the edge/cloud to the data center, and how we can continue to apply AI to drive the autonomous data center and ensure hyper-availability.

For more information, stay in touch with us @HPE_Alliances @HPEStorage on Social Media and visit the Veeam – HPE web site,