Amelia & the rise of digital labor

The market opportunity for artificial intelligence has been expanding rapidly, with analyst firm IDC predicting that the worldwide content analytics, discovery and cognitive systems software market will grow to US$9.2 billion in 2019.

Automating IT and business processes for enterprises is cited by some as having a potential $5 –$7 trillion economic impact by 2025. IPsoft are one of the businesses on the front line of this new disruptive wave of technology and their solutions aim to transform business performance through the employment of ‘digital labor’, most famously its cognitive agent Amelia.

Amelia is capable of analyzing natural language, she understands context, applies logic, learns and resolves problems. Her declarative memory consists of both episodic memory and semantic memory, exactly the way human memory is organized. The combination of the two allows Amelia to hold a wholly natural conversation.

In customer service research, a better customer experience is directly tied to empathy shown by the agent throughout the interaction and Amelia has a built in mood and personality vector enabling her to adapt her responses every customer, making her a novel and potentially more polite replacement for many of the human customer services reps we’ve all experienced in the past.

IPsoft recently announced a global partnership with Accenture to roll out the Amelia practice, designed to accelerate wider adoption of artificial intelligence through training. Many businesses across the world have already hired their first digital employee from the company. North London borough Enfield’s local council recently entered into an agreement with IPsoft to harness the technology to improve processes and customer service experience. She will be put to work within the Council later this year, with services due to be in operation from the autumn.

We recently caught up with IPsoft Vice President Ergun Akici to find out more about the company and the birth the world’s first digital employee.

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