Appian advances low-code ingenuity

The Appian was one of the strategically most important roads of the ancient Roman republic

And just like the grandiose Roman empire changed the world, the Appian Platform is revolutionizing the way we build applications – building powerful enterprise apps has never been easier. Low-code is synonymous with fast software design and development. Minimal effort means minimal time investment. There is no need to code functions, all a user has to do is configure them. The Appian Platform transforms app development into a community-oriented, efficiency-driven, sophisticated experience for those without a modicum of coding knowledge.

Platforms like the Appian require almost no coding and enable individuals and companies to build software from scratch. These applications can help businesses digitize, therefore developing competitive advantage, saving money, increasing productivity, improving customer engagement and, most importantly, inadvertently increasing revenue. Appian’s CEO Matt Calkins firmly believes the platform “empowers” companies using it to “better express what’s unique” about their organisation as they embrace digital transformation.

It’s going to be faster to build. It’ll be easier to change. It’s going to work on all popular mobile devices.

If their clients are anything to go by, he’s right to be confident. Giants like Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Ryder, USDA, Spring, Barclays, to name a few, have the Appian platform serving as a generator of their digital transformation, changing the way they conduct business and interact with their customers. These companies are familiar with the ever-changing nature of the market and know how important it is to constantly re-invent and respond to change. This is what enables them to have that additional edge, to cultivate competitive advantage constantly.

“Transformative in Nature”

The Appian Platform uses low-code as a vehicle to deliver powerful change. This change affects companies and customers alike, effortlessly transforming the way the two parties interact with each other.

The Appian Way’s purpose was to serve as the main route for military supplies in Ancient Rome and that’s exactly what the Appian Platform is doing today – it is serving as a route for change, development and business-client communication. That is why this innovative platform can be considered a window into the future, a rather exciting, low code future.