Avaya offer new approach to security with everywhere perimeter

In today’s digital world, almost any corporation, large or small, can be brought to its knees in an instant by a network breach

In its efforts to address this, Avaya has debuted an entirely new approach to security that promises to reduce the overall number of breaches compromising data integrity and privacy. Hyper-Segmentation, Native Stealth and Automated Elasticity create additional layers to network security that are completely invisible to hackers and provide the elasticity to protect the ‘everywhere perimeter’.

As the promise of mobility, IoT and cloud computing take shape, they also create and entirely new security dynamic  that makes it almost impossible to determine the location of organisation’s network boundaries. This makes it even more critical that security is a core component of the network architecture that is capable of extending to any potential access point – whether that’s in the cloud, a mobile device or a sensor unit in a HVAC system.

We recently spoke to Steven Rafferty, Managing Director, Avaya UK, Ioan MacRae, Director of Mid-Market Solutions at Avaya to discuss the new security landscape, customer success and their recently released customer engagement platform Oceana.

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