Be sure to protect what you’ve virtualized with HPE and Veeam

The HPE – Veeam alliance has always offered really easy-to-use and popular integrated data protection solutions, especially in the context of the HPE Nimble Storage Secondary Flash Array.

Now, the alliance has expanded into the area of Virtualization, creating a very strong link between what HPE is delivering for Virtualized solutions and how these solutions are protected.  Virtualized workloads are best protected by offerings that are optimized for virtualized data.

We’ve delivered new capabilities across the Virtualization portfolio, and here are recent VMUG webinars on these updates:

Veeam has been providing availability for the modern data center since 2006, especially including data protection for VMs.  The integrated Veeam Backup & Replication and HPE storage solution provides multiple capabilities to ensure and manage virtualized environments.  Veeam Explorer brings the ability to recover entire VMs, or granular application items within a VM, from either a backup file or a volume-based storage snapshot.

Veeam Backup from Storage Snapshots accesses the offload processing power of the storage array to reduce the impact of data protection activities on the virtual host systems, especially important for highly transactional business applications.  On-Demand Sandbox for Storage Snapshots uses storage snapshots on primary and secondary storage systems to create complete isolated copies of production VMs, for fast and easy dev/testing and troubleshooting.

To learn more, be sure to visit the HPE site for Virtualization to get more info on HPE Storage solutions for Virtualization and the HPE site for our HPE Data Protection Solutions.

About the Author

Mike Harding, Product & Solution Marketing, HPE.  Mike leads the marketing of new and established solutions and products at HPE. He came to HPE via Nimble Storage, and prior to that led the marketing of the NetApp Converged Infrastructure effort, including the multi-billion dollar FlexPod solution. Mike has over 25 years of marketing experience at both start-ups and larger tech companies and tweets regularly under the handle @mhardi01