Bringing the Coupon into the Digital Age

For decades, print publishers generated a large bulk of their revenue from various forms of print advertising, including coupons and classified ads

However, as publishers, and audiences, transitioned to digital, these legacy models of advertising made way as digital and social ads took over the majority of ad spend. Big Tech and digitally native companies have also encroached on publisher’s advertising revenue. Craigslist has become the go-to destination for classified listings and ads, along with Facebook, who also controls most of the global ad revenue, with Google and Amazon. These factors have caused publishers to search for new ways to recoup that lost revenue, including reinventing some legacy initiatives.

When we at Global Savings Group (GSG) saw these challenges for publishers, we envisioned a technology platform that would not only alleviate these issues but would benefit each member of the couponing and advertising ecosystem. The result was a PubTech platform that connects publishers, brands, advertisers and affiliate networks to offer consumers the best deals and coupons in a brand-safe environment. Over the years, we’ve built relationships with world-renowned brands such as Nike, Walmart and Amazon, as well as the top affiliate networks, invested heavily in the latest technology, and worked tirelessly on creating engaging content for readers, enabling GSG to provide one-of-a-kind solutions like Dynamic Coupons, Rewards and in-store deals.

In recent years, we have expanded and established footholds in both the U.S. and UK markets, working with prominent publishers such as CNN, Business Insider and the Daily Mail. We are now considered by many of our publishing partners as one of the most strategic growth drivers for their company. For advertisers, we are able to deliver new, premium audiences, incremental revenue and an improved brand environment not available through other forms of digital advertising. On the consumer side, our personalized offers are able to provide valuable savings, recommendations and important information to make smarter buying decisions. 

Like anything in life though, there will always be challenges. Recent search algorithm changes from Google could potentially put publishers’ ability to generate revenue through commerce content in jeopardy. And while this change will help to weed out bad actors within the space, it also has the capability to damage publishers that have spent years building up their brand equity with quality content. It is up to those within the industry to work with partners on both the publisher and advertiser side to ensure that publishers’ brand equity is not disregarded, and they can continue to create and deliver quality content and offerings for their consumers. 

Despite the changes Google has made, the future for commerce content and coupons, is very bright. If you need further evidence, just look at how much PayPal spent to acquire Honey last month. Commerce content can come in many forms as well, with publishers getting creative with how they generate commerce content revenue to supplement digital ad revenue. As a pivotal 2020 looms, after a tumultuous 2019 in the media industry, we expect commerce content to play an even larger role in publishers’ revenue streams.   

About the author

Johannes Wirth is CRO at Global Savings Group. Global Savings Group is a PubTech platform for Commerce Content operating 100+ digital assets with the world’s leading publishers, helping them to monetize by delivering products, recommendations, deals and discounts to consumers.

Featured image: ©Sitthipong