China Mobile HK teams with Huawei for LTE-Advanced Pro network upgrade

China Mobile Hong Kong and Huawei have announced a strategic partnership for establishing an LTE-Advanced Pro network.

Leveraging Huawei’s network technology, China Mobile’s existing TD-LTE / LTE FDD converged network in Hong Kong will be fully upgraded to a 4.5G network. The two companies aim to create a milestone in 4.5G network and forge ahead towards the new era of 5G technology, further strengthening its competitive advantages by providing customers with an unparalleled mobile network experience.

A New Era

In October 2015, 3GPP officially named LTE-Advanced Pro as the new LTE standard, which is also the official name of 4.5G. Following the implementation of a number of robust network optimization projects in 2016, China Mobile has ambitiously kicked off its 4.5G network roadmap by employing Huawei’s industry leading 4.5G technology and network solution under the strategic partnership agreement. The upgrade is aimed at innovating a new milestone in mobile network development in Hong Kong, offering customers a superior user experience, as well as advancing towards the 5G technology evolution.

Mr. Sean Lee, Director and Chief Executive Officer of China Mobile Hong Kong, said: “After stringent selection processes, we firmly believe that Huawei’s world leading network technology and equipment have made it the ideal partner for China Mobile’s 4.5G network upgrade. As one of the leading mobile network providers in Hong Kong, CMHK has spared no efforts in network enhancement and technology innovation. We are very pleased to work with Huawei to upgrade our 4G mobile network to 4.5G for significant network capacity optimization and speed improvement, as well as achieving superior user experience for consumers and commercial customers.”

Mr. Zou Zhilei, President of Carrier Business Group, Huawei, said: “With the 4.5G network capacity upgraded to LTE network, the vision of offering enterprise and industry business, ultra-broadband Gbps network, better voice and video experience, as well as more connectivities, will empower CMHK’s network with differentiating competitiveness in its network development history.

“Our advanced 4.5G technology will enable CMHK to capitalize on the emerging new devices, new businesses and new experiences, offering excellent Mobile Video experience for customers in Hong Kong, as well as enhancing its capability in expanding enterprise and industry (B2X) customer base. All these are aimed at reinforcing CMHK’s market leader position. Together we are building a better Connected Hong Kong and the World.”

Lee adds: “In order to meet the explosive growth in demands and mobile network users, as well as users’ higher expectation of network quality and device products, our partnership with Huawei Hong Kong not only upgrades our existing 4G network to 4.5G, but also offers customers unparalleled service of higher speed and lower latency through the introduction of Network Functions Virtualizations (NFV), enabling a more advanced mobile communication experience.”

In the network era of pursuing leading-edge technology, CMHK is confident in the future development of mobile networks, and will continue to be customer-focused, seize the 4.5G network-driven opportunities to offer smoother and innovative services, as well as solidly moving forward to the new era of 5G network by leveraging NFV technology.