An Intro to Cloud Security

Cloud security has undoubtedly become mainstream in enterprise IT with many organisations finally beginning to trust the cloud with their mission-critical applications and data.

This optimism means a deep understanding and thorough strategy around security across public, private and hybrid cloud options is more crucial than ever.

Over the next 16 weeks we’ll be talking to our Cloud Security Guru, Christopher Steffen, Chief Evangelist of Cloud Security at Hewlett Packard Enterprise for a series of discussions covering a wide-range of topics including data regulation, compliance, encryption, malware, data losses, breaches and much more.

For the first in our series, we spoke to Chris about the fundamentals of cloud security and what we can expect over the coming weeks. Listen below.

If you have a question for Chris or a topic you’d like us to discuss over the coming weeks, email:

Connect with Chris:
Twitter: @CloudSecChris
LinkedIn: Chris Steffen
Blog: HPE Community