Cloud28+ expands across Asia Pacific and Japan

In Singapore this week, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is launching its Cloud28+ initiative across the Asia Pacific and Japan region. This expansion marks the significant and ongoing growth of the initiative, which aims to build an international community focused on spurring cloud adoption by fighting against fragmentation and connecting businesses and organizations.

The Cloud28+ initiative creates a one-stop cloud community and catalog for customers of all sizes to use. The platform is especially helpful for today’s businesses, which typically rely on hybrid approaches to IT infrastructure, often composed of multiple cloud environments and partners. Cloud28+ partners tailor their offerings to comply with local regulations, making it easier for companies to build the right environment for their needs.

We recently spoke with Chris Gabriel, Chief Digital Officer at TechPulse Group to hear why Cloud28+ is “a gamechanger” for the IT industry.

Now Available In Local Languages

Resources are available in Korean, Japanese, and English. Cloud28+’s growth has been fast; since its international expansion earlier in 2017, more than 40 HPE partners throughout the APJ region have joined the community. In addition to providing a convenient platform of cloud services across the globe, Cloud28+ also offers  in depth thought leadership to end users to help them learn about how the right cloud resources can work for them. The strength of Cloud28+ lies in its open nature, and partners can contact each other and join forces to respond to complex digital projects together.

HPE isn’t alone is building up the Cloud28+ initiative: Microsoft is also a partner and will work with HPE to form a go to market alliance for Azure Stack. Cloud28+ aims to create an integrated approach to benefit all companies with business relating to the cloud. The initiative will help developers utilize HPE and Microsoft Azure Stack solutions, creating opportunities for new revenue streams and improved market visibility. Customers will benefit by gaining access to a comprehensive collection of solutions, making it easier to navigate the ever-expanding cloud market. Other partners include Intel, Deloitte and Hitachi.

Cloud28+ is free; there’s no cost to search the platform, and there’s no cost associated with connecting to service providers in your region. Customers who don’t know which solution is right for their businesses or require something that meets local compliance regulations have another powerful option: Sending proposal requests direct to partners. Service providers can then send their offers, helping customers learn what options are available and which providers have the expertise their cloud needs demand. Customers looking to explore their options can also turn to Cloud28+’s advanced search features.

Cloud28+ continues to grow, and its recent expansion will add more to the global catalog of services. In total, Cloud28+ boasts 600 partners, and these partners provide more than 20,000 services. Fragmentation is unavoidable in the cloud field, but an open, free, and searchable catalog ensures customers and service providers can make the most of all that the cloud has to offer