Cloud28+ Momentum Continues into 2019

Cloud28+ has continued to grow dramatically in 2018, and many key stakeholders in the global community are set to gather, as part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s flagship Discover Madrid event between 26th -29th November

HPE executives, along with leading industry influencers and partners, will have a chance to meet in person. Importantly, end customers will have a strong voice in the conversation, giving HPE executives and partners a chance to foster growth and develop better services. Something HPE is currently doing for its own IT service providers – as part of its recently launched survey.

The goal of Cloud28+ is to foster enterprise cloud adoption through a community-driven approach. With close to 1,000 around the world, Cloud28+ focuses on matching customers to partners, who can meet their business requirements, including any local regulatory needs. The community also accelerates partner-to-partner alliances to create new hybrid cloud offerings.

A major source of conversation in this year’s event will undoubtedly revolve around Cloud28+’s expanding digital marketing opportunities for its members, including eCampaigns and Spotlight Pages. The Cloud28+ eCampaigns provide partners a simple way to engage with customers via surveys coupled with industry analyst insights. The Spotlight Pages give Cloud28+ members the ability to create their own personalized hubs on the community’s platform, enabling them to provide more clarity about their know-how and offerings. Personalized branding will help members amplify their own identities, while social media outreach will encourage end users to keep checking back in. These digital marketing features provide a range of growth opportunities.

Attending HPE Discover?  Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps will be hosting a panel with existing partners which will showcase  Cloud28+ as both a worldwide community and a digital business platform for customers and partners to connect. Discover how Cloud28+ is working with partners to drive business benefits with an overview of the platform, success stories and partner testimonials at HPE Discover on Tuesday 27th November in theatre 6.

Perhaps the most exciting benefit of the event is fostering even better collaboration across borders. Too often, tech becomes segregated by country or region, with end users and vendors focusing on discrete geographical areas. The state of innovation today, however, benefits from new offerings from around the world. Much like an incubator, Cloud28+’s open nature nurtures new partnerships and solutions development among members of different categories and geographic locations.

Meeting face-to-face at HPE Discover Madrid also offers participants an opportunity to gain some clarity on how hybrid cloud is evolving. The concepts of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are still changing, and hybrid solutions aim to fill in some of the gaps that keep certain organizations from fully committing to the cloud. End users can share where current offerings can be improved, and those providing services can demonstrate use cases where their unique offerings excel. Collaboration is key to fully tapping into the power of the cloud; no single entity can offer a fully integrated approach that satisfies the needs of most users. By building a federation of organizations of all sizes and with varying needs, Cloud28+ is at the forefront of the hybrid cloud trend.