Cloud28+ Partners Set To Accelerate Business Outcomes in Madrid

Best and brightest of Cloud28+ community are coming to Madrid later this month

Next Month, Cloud28+ partners will converge on the Spanish capital Madrid on 27th November for an invite-only event that precedes HPE Discover – starting in the same city the following day.

Attendees discuss the latest trends in digital transformation and discuss recent developments for Cloud28+ and its ecosystem – now with almost 700 member companies globally. Leading industry analysts, partners, and HPE executives will provide information about the platform’s present and future, including how businesses of all sizes can leverage the community and platform to drive revenue and marketing exposure. End customers working with Cloud28+ will also provide information about their experiences, highlighting Cloud28+’s unique digital platform capabilities.

Those who attend will get the latest news and a chance to add their input into the strategies that will help Cloud28+ grow and continue to respond to complex RFPs in the coming year. Since its inception in 2015, Cloud28+ has grown its combined global offering to over 23,000 services leveraging 370 data centres in 33 countries around the world. Partners attending will be first to hear about the next steps for the worldwide community of service providers, resellers, system integrators and SaaS providers.

Highlighted by a dinner and cocktail reception, the event will let attendees make valuable connections with other members, providing a unique opportunity to forge powerful partnerships with other companies hosting their solutions and content on the platform. As Cloud28+ continues to grow by over 250 new members each year, the event is also a chance to make new friends in the industry.

An initiative that started in Europe and the Middle East; today, the portal operates on a global basis and in seven languages. Since its launch, it has become a lead generation and marketing tool for its members and a trusted resource for end users across 5 continents. 451 Research recently named the platform the biggest cloud aggregator on the planet.

We recently spoke to Xavier Poisson about what attendees can expect from the annual European gathering.