Code42 accelerate Windows 10 Migration with new release

According to Gartner, at least half of all enterprises will start Windows 10 deployments by the beginning of 2017, but most don’t plan to complete their migrations until 2019. 

Code42 are now aiming to speed up their customers on the road to Windows 10 with their 5.4 release.

“We are always looking for ways to save our customers time and money,” said Joe Payne, president and CEO of Code42. “These latest enhancements in our product not only help users to upgrade quickly and securely from Windows 7 to Windows 10, but they also protect them from potential data loss.”

For companies like American Fidelity, time is often the biggest issue when migrating. The process requires that IT must work around user schedules, install the new operating system and assist users through lost profile settings – all while ensuring data is protected in the process. With 5.4, IT teams can redefine migration workflows and maintain user profile preferences such as desktop wallpapers, fonts and network settings.

“Before Code42 CrashPlan, migration projects took several days from our team and forced staff to work late into the night. Code42 has already reduced our burden by cutting migration time down from a couple of days to just 30 minutes per device,” said Steven Gaither, workstation analyst at American Fidelity Assurance Company. “Now that we have a Windows 10 migration project on the horizon, we’re thrilled that Code42 now helps us provide our users with a seamless transition to their new device utilizing the Microsoft User State Migration Tool.”

When it comes time to migrate to Windows 10, end users or IT can use the Code42 device replacement wizard, which is tightly integrated with the Microsoft User State Migration Tool, to easily transfer both user profile settings and files to their new or updated device, cutting migration time by up to 66 percent. This protects data during and after migration, eliminates the need for reconfiguration, and ensures users can return to work quickly following the move to Windows 10.

“At Code42, we believe that endpoint data is the starting point for mitigating risks, ensuring productivity for end users and securing the enterprise. Code42 gives organizations visibility into what is being stored and secured on corporate laptops and desktops,” said John Durant,  senior vice president of product development at Code42. “This release bolsters our commitment to improving ease of use, protecting endpoint data, and continuing to provide our customers with a variety of ways to leverage the data on devices where users are most active.”

In addition to Windows 10 migration, 5.4 includes dynamic site-based bandwidth management, simplified compliance settings and controls, and enhanced security and scalability updates. Upcoming releases will further focus on solving customer challenges relating to risk detection and remediation.

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