CompTIA joins Smart Water Network Forum to drive actionable insights

CompTIA has announced that it has joined the Smart Water Networks Forum, a global industry hub which promotes the development and adoption of data technologies in water networks.

The SWAN Forum is a not-for-profit membership organisation, leveraging the power of collaboration to identify the tremendous opportunities in the smart water space and jointly overcome the challenges.

CompTIA is excited to join the SWAN Forum and to be part of the SWAN North American Alliance” said David Logsdon, senior director, advocacy, CompTIA. “This new initiative seeks to improve efficiency in water distribution systems by using sensors and software to provide better data and analytics in the emerging Internet of Things sector.

“Reducing water loss in underground infrastructure is a key objective for most cities in North America and a priority of many global technology companies including for many of our members,” Logsdon explained.

“With a renewed national focus on infrastructure, our partnership with SWAN will help spotlight the critical role that technology plays in helping create a 21st-century American infrastructure ecosystem.”

Working together, SWAN members actively promote the adoption of Smart Water Networks via the use of data technologies. Through the SWAN workgroups, members are shaping industry language and thinking going forward and creating practical, actionable tools for the industry.

“We are thrilled to have CompTIA be part of the SWAN Forum and as a lead partner of the new North American Alliance,” said SWAN Director, Amir Cahn.

“As the voice of the world’s information technology industry advancing the global interests of IT organisations, CompTIA will bring an invaluable perspective to SWAN as we continue to create the critical dialogue and cutting-edge research tools needed to advance the industry.”