CompTIA launch free on-demand IT support service

CompTIA, the world’s leading technology association, have launched an ambitious IT support service that promises to help IT professionals solve their biggest challenges. 

AskIT is a free on-demand, one-on-one support service for anyone looking for help with a technology-related issue, problem or question. It was launched in a beta version this week.

AskIT provides consumers with free technical assistance and support for common everyday issues and problems related to computing, connectivity, peripherals, security, software, and more.

Technical assistance and support is provided in a private and secure manner by a roster of more than 2,000 IT professionals certified by CompTIA, the leading provider of vendor-neutral skills certifications for the global IT workforce.


AskIT is free and easy for anyone to use. Simply ask a question at and your issue or question is routed directly to a CompTIA certified technician. The service is available day or night, on weekdays and weekends.

CompTIA-certified technology professionals can address a range of technology topics across a variety of devices including desktops, laptops, printers, mobile phones, and tablets. The service provides answers and solutions to common questions and problems, including:

  • Internet and networking – From Internet connectivity and speed to web browsers and email.
  • Software and hardware – Printers, webcams, USB devices, laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, productivity software, and more.
  • Operating systems – Including Windows, Linux, Apple, Android, iOS, plus Internet browsers and networking equipment.
  • Cybersecurity- AskIT certified IT experts are trained to help you spot potential security issues, keeping your data and personal information safe.

With AskIT, you’ll receive personalised help from a real person responding to your unique circumstance.

Privacy and security are paramount with AskIT. The padlock in your browser’s address bar means the AskIT site is safe and secure. Your question and chat history is visible only to you and the tech professional you connect with. No individual information will be posted to a user forum or an FAQ list and it won’t be shared with other AskIT users.

AskIT provides professional tech support and advice only from trained and CompTIA-certified IT workers. CompTIA certifications are recognized around the world and across public and private sectors as a trusted validation of technical skills. CompTIA has awarded more than two million certifications to IT professionals who have passed rigorous exams that tested them on real-world scenarios and situations to assess their technical proficiency.

To learn more or to get started with AskIT visit