Could The Public vs Private Cloud Debate Be Over?

“Public/Private wont matter anymore” says Ormuco CEO Orlando Bayter

Enterprises have a variety of choices when it comes to the cloud. However, bridging the gap between the experience of using public cloud and private, on premise IT is a nirvana still greatly in-demand from enterprise users. Security and compliance are often two of the biggest challenges and while making the jump to the cloud, many businesses fail to realise the cost of bringing their services back into their datacentre to help them comply with internal and external business requirements.

“What we’re going to see in the market is the words public and private won’t matter anymore” says Orlando Bayter, President of Ormuco.

People are going to be talking about platforms. When you’re able to provide a unified platform, the customer can migrate their applications and then select the location where workloads should run and data should be stored.

End to End Automation

Ormuco are a Canadian company disrupting the public and private cloud spaces by offering customers a software defined turnkey stack with the best of everything.

The Ormuco Stack solution unifies both public and private clouds with the latest in open-source technology which they say is “engineered around open design principles and end to end automation.” Their platform enables customers to scale in a cost efficient way that reflects traffic and workload demands and the company boast nodes in EMEA, the US and South America.

Orlando Bayter, President of Ormuco (right) Image: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Ormuco is fragmenting the cloud by connecting a global network of service providers to on-premises enterprise private cloud deployments.

As technology partners of Cloud28+, Intel and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the company were recently singled out during a keynote by HPE’s Chief Channel Officer Denzil Samuels during his keynote at this month’s HPE Discover.

The platform gained notoriety as the company carved out dominance in the cloud gaming space, thanks to their HQ being located in Montreal, the gaming industry’s equivalent of Hollywood. The once-extraordinary needs of gaming companies have since been business as usual across enterprises.

Ormuco is a member of Cloud28+, the open community & IT marketplace dedicated to accelerating enterprise cloud adoption and digital transformation globally. Join as a company, or individual at

We caught up with Orlando Bayter to talk about why there is still so much confusion with cloud terminology. Listen below or on on Apple Podcasts.