Creating new business models in Industry 4.0

XMPro want to make creating profitable industrial insights as easy as using Excel.

Today’s manufacturing and processing industries generate vast amounts of data. XMPro is aiming to help these asset-intensive organizations use this data to improve operational efficiency and create new servitization business models. Its visual orchestration environment enables engineers and subject matter experts to build custom IoT applications with little or no coding.

“One of the promises of industry 4.0 is that we can create new business models,” XMPro founder Pieter Van Schalkwyk told us recently. “How can we use this information and create new revenue streams? We can build smart products that tell us when it needs to be serviced”.

His vision is to simplify the fourth industrial revolution by helping industrial companies create entirely new ways to create value. “We want to be the leading solution where organisations can prototype and deploy, almost with the ease of excel,” he adds. He certainly has many convinced – the company is one of a select group of companies backed by software giant SAP as part of their IoT accelerator.

Listen to our full chat with Pieter below.

XMPro recently published an Industry 4.0 whitepaper – download it here or visit their website for more information.