Creating the ecosystem to deliver on customers’ remote working ambitions

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself,” said Henry Ford.

While he said this about his motor company and its workforce, it’s equally applicable to the technology industry today, as well as to customers – many of whom are working in a completely different way to even three years ago.

Partnership models of varying types have existed since the industry’s inception; however, in recent years – due to the ever-increasing complexity of customer organisations, their systems and the challenges they face in maintaining productivity and staff morale in an ever-evolving market – they have become even more important. This has increased rapidly with the accelerated shift towards hybrid working models, as a result of Covid-19..

Now, more than ever, the deep relationships between vendors are critical in delivering innovation and transformation that can underpin new ways of working for enterprise customers. At the heart of these relationships is a culture where teams work together as one, sharing information and developing solutions to challenges collaboratively – and is always focused on customers.

As part of the Nutanix ecosystem centralised on customers, we work closely with Citrix. In practice, the partnership helps customers refresh their IT estates, create ease-of-use and great User eXperience (UX) at every tier of the technology fabric they deploy… and allows us to offer customers exactly what they need to drive efficiencies and support the evolving working models of their employees.

Delivering the tools customers need

As we progress after the recent periods of global disruption, it’s never been more imperative to work diligently and creatively to help customers focus on running their business. Leveraging the flexible benefits of simple-to-use hybrid multi-cloud to enable seamless hybrid working, is one way to achieve this.

Not only are many organisations leaner and more agile post-pandemic, their cloud strategy has had to factor in a shift in working models that was, largely, on the fringes before Covid struck; hybrid working. With staff suddenly marooned at home, connectivity, accessibility, device compatibility and security became the watchwords as companies fought to keep downtime and disruption to a minimum. As we’ve seen though, hybrid working has evolved from being a temporary measure to a permanent one for many, encouraged by companies for the cost saving it delivers and embraced by staff for the work-life balance it delivers. It is appropriate then that cloud strategies ensure the easy and seamless integration of existing technologies to provide easy and secure access to essential services and apps for the hybrid workforce.

Supporting any device in any location and at any scale 

Joint technology partnerships are often better suited to enabling customers to work the way the world works today. Engineered for the modern age of remote connectivity, mobile ubiquity and the era of always-on customer centricity, solutions born out of technology partnerships are able to provide end users with seamless access to apps, virtual desktops and protected data from any cloud on any device. Going further, this means any device in any location and at any scale, all reliably delivered with the simplicity, security and speed organisations need.

This  approach can be considered a ‘full cloud platform’. It means a simple, hybrid multi-cloud, with all the automation that customers need to operate in the most scalable and cost-effective way possible. Spanning multiple cloud services, multiple cloud deployment models, multiple cloud datacentre connections and multiple cloud instances at the customer level, it offers a software-driven storage platform that works at speed and scale for every IT solution.

Shared product vision

At the centre of everything we do – whether as Nutanix or working with partners –  is a shared product vision that delivers on customer requirements around maintaining productivity and motivation of teams, no matter where they are working from..

In the case of Nutanix and Citrix, we work in unison to support the deployment of a scalable, resilient and secure private cloud solution for Citrix Desktop as a Service (DaaS) using Machine Creation Services (MCS) or Provisioning (PVS) in a single datacentre.

Partnerships like these deliver clear benefits to customers. Aside from the products, services and training, customers get more choice and more flexibility, as well as the reassurance of working with two cloud pioneers that can support their growth plans long into the future.

In an uncertain and volatile business and economic world, there is strength in numbers when best-of-breed organisations unite to deliver solutions that can quickly evolve to meet the changing market dynamics that customers increasingly face.


About the Author

Adam Tarbox is Vice President Channel Sales EMEA at Nutanix. Nutanix is a global leader in cloud software and a pioneer in hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, making clouds invisible, freeing customers to focus on their business outcomes. Organizations around the world use Nutanix software to leverage a single platform to manage any app at any location for their hybrid multicloud environments.


Featured image: ©elenabsl