CSC aims to advance industrial machine learning

Most large, data-rich companies fail to benefit from information on an enterprise-wide scale because they are not equipped to effectively capture and analyze available data sources.

A recent survey from PwC and Iron Mountain found that 57 percent of businesses are unable to extract significant value from their information, and 23 percent are unable to derive any real value at all. Regardless of size, geography or sector, businesses are struggling to fully realize value from their information.

To address the trend, CSC has announced the expansion of its strategic alliance with Microsoft through the advancement of Industrial Machine Learning solutions that enable data scientists to produce new data-derived enterprise insights, leading to better and more timely business decisions.

“CSC has been working with Microsoft on industry-specific approaches to the problem of creating data science that works,” said Dan Hushon, chief technology officer, CSC. “The result is a holistic, enterprise-scale data science and machine-learning offering called Industrial Machine Learning, which improves the return-on-investment clients see from their information. IML can facilitate tangible benefits, such as reduction in patient readmissions or lowering manufacturing material consumption rates.”

Hushon explores the “Rise of the Intelligent Machines,” among his recently announced IT trends that will define the marketplace in 2017. IML is an intelligent machines accelerator.

Machine Learning, Simplified

To unleash the information value potential of its clients, CSC is beginning to deliver a set of 96 data stories – framing a business need as a reason, a goal and an interested party – across six different industry-specific verticals: banking and capital markets, energy and technology, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. These data stories include intelligent end-to-end solutions such as predicting problematic patient recovery in healthcare and digital twin simulation for production planning in manufacturing, among others.

Together, through IML, CSC and Microsoft will create a significantly more efficient and simplified path for clients to realize machine learning data stories and exploit transformational insights. This approach will mark the first application of IML on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, leveraging the power of Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite. The result is a powerful solution to transform enterprise data into intelligent action. IML’s systematic approach, combined with Cortana Intelligence Suite’s rich and flexible analytics solution, provides operative solutions that tap into the vast amount of data available to a business, leveraging next-generation predictive modeling, text mining, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence.

The IML solution will enable data scientists to successfully position the data-driven enterprise to:

  • Execute on an enterprise-wide scale. Leading to predictable, repeatable results in machine learning and data science projects as a result of professionally managed services built from scalable technologies and processes.
  • Simplify the path to smarter analytics outcomes. Producing more accurate business results by simplifying the path with easy-to-deploy, integrated data science stacks which bring artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven micro-services into a common interactive development environment with rigorous experimentation processes.
  • Manage project outcomes. Companies deploying machine learning will be able to realize a more measurable impact on the business, while analytics teams will be able to more effectively influence changes in company metrics based on machine learning insight.
  • Build re-usable industry data stories. Increasingly important to business agility is the ability to build industry specific analytics apps that leverage existing micro-services and partner for enterprise development capabilities.
  • Create data pipelines. Enabling users to establish, maintain and manage data pipeline – such as data migration, data source management, and data lake management – that supply the integrated information required to successfully implement a beneficial data story.

“Cortana Intelligence Suite combines relevant data from anywhere and turns it into intelligent action,” said Joseph Sirosh, CVP, Microsoft Corp. “CSC’s IML solution harnesses the power of the cloud with Microsoft Azure and advanced analytics with Cortana Intelligence to allow customers to predict potential issues and generate decisions which are then actionable. As a result, companies can take advantage of data that had previously been overlooked and give it real business value.”

Industrial Machine Learning

CSC seeks to help clients consistently produce data-driven insights at enterprise scale. This can be realized with industrial machine learning, which provides a scalable solution for ingesting data, building algorithms, deploying them into production, and generating continuous insights to ongoing business problems. The IML offering integrates a fully managed data operating environment, which lowers the cost and time to generate business insights, set of industry data stories across multiple segments, a set of process & technologies that simplify the process of adopting AI/ML for business transformation and outcome consulting to help clients realize these promised transformations.

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