DataStax and Mesosphere lead databases into the “Container 2.0” era

DataStax and Mesosphere have announced that DataStax Enterprise will be commercially supported on both Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS and the open source DC/OS distribution.

DSE is an Apache Cassandra-based database platform that provides the distributed, responsive and intelligent foundation to build and run cloud applications.DC/OS is an open source technology, created by Mesosphere, that is built around Apache Mesos and offers the most reliable, scalable and easiest platform for running containers, stateful data systems and everything else that modern applications require.

DataStax Enterprise joins other popular services that are already available and installable with a single click as part of the DC/OS Universe “app store.” These range from web servers and CI/CD systems to distributed databases, file systems and analytics tools. DC/OS runs these services—as well as containerized microservices and legacy enterprise applications—on a platform that can aggregate thousands of servers, VMs or cloud instances into shared infrastructure that looks to developers and operators like one big computer. Aside from making it easy to install and deploy distributed systems and containers, DC/OS also provides them with “Day 2” operational improvements such as high availability, easy scalability and zero-downtime updates.

“We are currently witnessing the transition from Container 1.0 to Container 2.0, which brings with it the ability to efficiently host microservices, stateful databases, storage and more inside containers on shared infrastructure. DC/OS supports these capabilities today,” said Florian Leibert, Co-founder and CEO, Mesosphere. “Along with DataStax, we will help enterprises finally start tearing down their application silos, forever changing how they develop applications and operate infrastructure.”

“With the rise of cloud applications that demand a new approach to data management, DSE on DC/OS has tremendous benefits in time-to-deploy, time-to-scale and maximizing resource efficiency,” said Barry Evans, Head of Technology Partner Development, DataStax. “Our leading-edge enterprise customers are evolving from the virtual machine ‘stack,’ where each application gets its own dedicated cluster to a new model where applications and services share resources across the entire data center or cloud. This requirement for containerized applications to share data resources makes DC/OS an excellent operating environment for highly distributed data stores like Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise.”

Real-time Data

A popular combination for applications requiring real-time data access and processing—both on shared DC/OS clusters and on traditional siloed infrastructure—is Apache Kafka™, Apache Spark™ and Apache Cassandra. However, while open source distributions are powerful, many businesses require the types of features and support that only commercial software can provide. This requirement drove the partnership between Mesosphere and DataStax.

“Enterprises have been waiting on a proper solution for scheduling stateful workloads such as databases alongside typically stateless container workloads—and the combination of DataStax Enterprise and Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS is such a solution,” said Darren Haas, Head of Cloud Platform Engineering, GE. “Being able to run various types of workloads on a single cluster changes the game in terms of operational simplicity, performance, reliability and capacity management.”

The DataStax solution is available to deploy on DC/OS 1.8, which is available today as an Early Access release. DC/OS is already the only container-orchestration platform running production Container 2.0 workloads, inside companies such as Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Esri, Autodesk and many more. Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS 1.8 expands on an already-broad set of container-orchestration capabilities, with new advanced features for job scheduling, networking, security and authentication, and data management.

“DataStax and Mesosphere have a strong relationship that will only get stronger as more companies demand platforms that can deliver on the requirements of Container 2.0,” said William Freiberg, COO, Mesosphere. “We are in a unique position to fundamentally improve how our customers adopt the types of technologies that will power tomorrow’s biggest and best enterprise applications.”

DataStax Enterprise, which accelerates the ability to deliver real-time value at epic scale by providing a comprehensive and operationally simple data management layer with a unique always-on architecture built on Apache Cassandra, is available for download in the DC/OS Universe. Commercial subscriptions for Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS and DataStax Enterprise are available from Mesosphere and DataStax directly.