Does strategic and sustainable IT energy sourcing make financial sense?

It makes all the sense in the world if you know where to harness the best of both worlds

As utilization of IT and the intelligence therein has become one of the key differentiators in customer service and experience, competitiveness and business success, businesses need to consider who sends the bill for electricity that powers the heart of the company.

Haraldur Hallgrimsson, the head of Business Development from National Department of Energy in Iceland believes the ability to plan for long term power costs are “a key component to implementing successful long term strategy” for any business.

The risk that companies bear by operating in the international power markets with extreme volatility is a risk which is really significant to many (datacenter) operators. Access to reliable energy is critical to any business – access to electricity enables growth while a lack of it is stifling

For our latest podcast, we spoke to Mr Hallgrimsson to find out why an increasing amount of overseas customers decide to source their IT from – what analysts keep saying – is the optimal location for IT in the world. Discussing energy availability, security and price, we speak about what difference this will make today and tomorrow – for your bottom line and market position. Listen below or on Apple Podcasts

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