Driving Europe’s Digital Single Market

The European Commission predicts that a Digital Single Market would create up to €340 billion in additional growth, not to mention hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

However, a lack of knowledge means only one out of every five enterprises in the EU use cloud services according to statistics from Eurostat. Meanwhile, “consumerization of IT” has left many businesses trying to keep up with their employees’ expectation that information will be always on and always available, just like their own personal data and cloud-based services.

To realise the EU Commission’s aim for a digital single market, business consumers need a central platform where they can shop for services that meet their precise local requirements. Step forward Hewlett Packard Enterprise, who initiated Cloud28+ back in December last year.

By connecting cloud services across the EU, Cloud28+ acts as an app store for European enterprises and allows service providers to sell their products outside their own borders with ease. If a Service Provider in France, for example, designs a “smart city” cloud service for Paris and then publishes that service on the Cloud28+ platform, a Service Provider in the UK looking to roll out a similar service for the city of London could discover it in Cloud28+ and then subscribe to it via the UK Service Provider and execute it locally in its own data center, avoiding data privacy issues.

There are now close to 1000 services available from over 200 partners including  Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service offerings. Partners include BT, Intel and Telefonica as well as hundreds of niche service providers.

“Cloud28+ is about to become the most relevant cloud ecosystem in Europe.” said Kurt Kammerer, CEO of e-communication provider Regify, adding: “As an SaaS enabler, we are eager to both contribute and benefit”

Cloud28+ is truly vendor agnostic and open to all solution and service providers, while easing interoperability issues and advocating the use of open source technologies, including the cloud platform HPE Helion OpenStack. We recently spoke to Xavier Poisson, EMEA Vice President of Hybrid IT at Hewlett Packard Enterprise to find out more about Europe’s ‘Cloud of Clouds’. Listen below:

Next Thursday (19 May, 2016) Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel will host the fifth Cloud28+ Acceleration in Amsterdam.

CloudAccelerationeventimage2 (1)

The event will feature new ways to connect, grow, and amplify your Cloud offerings both via the Cloud28+ community and the catalogue.

● Hear from an exciting line-up of industry vendors, analysts, government entities, customers, and partners on how to seize European Cloud business opportunities and generate new revenue streams.

● Learn from Cloud28+ partners on how the ecosystem is already benefitting their business, while being able to network with some of the community’s 200+ members.

● Be there for the launch of Cloud28+ 2.0, including enhancements designed to accelerate your marketing outcomes and bottom-line results.

When and where:

Date: 19 May 2016
Timing: 10:00- 17:30 CET
Location: Steigenberger Hotel, Amsterdam

Register now

This event is open to members and non-members of Cloud28+