DunavNET pushes farming best practice through IoT platform

AgroNET platform aims to empower farmers with all the skills and tools required to optimise their production and profits.

Serbian company DunavNET has launched agroNET, a collection of IoT tools that help farmers manage their crops better, resulting in higher production and better quality of produce. Many farmers all around the world are deprived of modern day techniques and are still using traditional methods. Despite efforts, many still have limited production and nominal benefits for their hard work.

This where DunavNET steps in by empowering farmers with a digital agriculture tool set to boost their production and the quality of their cultivation. AgroNET uses Microsoft Azure IoT to power transformative farming solutions with numerous modular components in the cloud to provide the farmer with on-demand expertise on agriculture techniques. The platform offers farmers a user-friendly interface to help them harness the cloud in real time.

This versatile system includes decades of agriculture knowledge to help farmers gain insight into the most effective techniques. It provides the farmer with techniques and strategies that help produce the highest quality of products and promises increased production levels by a substantial margin. This information helps farmers understand the flaws in their techniques and also provides them with real-time solutions on how to maximise efficiency. The system helps reduce the dexterity involved in cultivation and has massive potential in helping increase the production of farmers all around the world.

How it works

AgroNET combines interoperable solutions by local partners that have been seamlessly integrated together to create a versatile ecosystem. This includes a cloud platform built on Microsoft Azure to provide security, scalability, and accuracy. It also includes substantial expertise accumulated from university professors, consultants, and farmers that have expertise in diverse agriculture fields. But what really ensures the efficiency of this ecosystem is the sensors and gateways used to get a superlative cost effective ratio, to help farmers reap the benefits of their hard work and to help optimise their work process.

AgroNET is available globally and offers farmers the following benefits:

  • Better quality of crops
  • Increased yields
  • Higher profits
  • Lower wastage
  • Improved planning system
  • Reduced monitoring costs

The sensors collect information that is then connected to the Azure IoT hub wirelessly, before being processed and forwarded to an Azure SQL database. It is then displayed as received data on an interactive dashboard, providing farmers with the required information to help boost their productivity.