Equinix Launch Low Latency Access To Oracle Cloud in 16 New Markets

Customers across North America and Europe to gain high-performance access to Oracle Cloud

Interconnection leader Equinix has announced a major expansion of its private access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The expansion, which will now enable customers of 16 additional Equinix International Business Exchange data centres to easily and privately connect to OCI, is focused on the North American and European markets. Customers can connect to OCI via Oracle’s FastConnect through dedicated cross-connects and the Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) within the Equinix FR5 IBX data centre based in Frankfurt, Germany.

At seven locations in Europe and eight in North America, the Oracle and Equinix partner and platform integration will offer connectivity to OCI FastConnect through ECX. Globally, there will now be six data centres where Oracle FastConnect is deployed and 18 metro locations that offer FastConnect connectivity. Besides Frankfurt, the new European locations offering OCI FastConnect connectivity through ECX are Amsterdam, Dublin, London, Manchester, Paris, Stockholm, and Zurich. In North America, new locations, in addition to Washington, DC, include Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Toronto.

Kash Iftikhar, Vice President IaaS, Public Cloud Services at Oracle believes the expansion will help customers “easily scale with their growing business demands.”

Customers require seamless connectivity from their data centers and networks to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for their most demanding workloads and applications. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using FastConnect in Equinix IBX data centers, customers can provision the private connections they need today

Because of the expansion, enterprise customers in Europe and North America will be better able to use the Oracle Cloud to migrate and run compute, applications, and data workloads. The system’s high-throughput capabilities provide excellent reliability and performance, and easy scalability offers seamless growth opportunities in the future. Furthermore, the platform provides a more streamlined interface for users. In a climate where data management is becoming more important, especially in terms of meeting regulatory requirements and managing data sovereignty issues, Oracle and Equinix provide an excellent degree of control.

Oracle already delivers 50 enterprise-class IaaS and PaaS services and almost 1,000 SaaS applications to more than 195 countries across the globe; in total, their infrastructure provides 55 billion transactions every day. The partnership primes Oracle and Equinix to be major players around the growth of interconnection, which, according to the Global Interconnection Index, is expected to grow dramatically over the coming years. Steady growth in the United States, the most sophisticated and advanced area for Interconnection Bandwidth growth, will see a rival in Europe, where Interconnection Bandwidth is expected to grow by 44 per cent per year through 2020.