ERP is alive and kicking

Almost every large enterprise will have used an ERP suite at some point in their lifecycle. 

Often considered the back office ‘engine’, ERP systems were created as a central home for payroll, HR, supply chains, finance and managing the bottom line. However, the digital age meant business leaders demanded cloud-like flexibility and personalisation along with real-time insights and true interoperability with their other mission-critical cloud applications in the front office, making many of the clunky legacy ERP systems obsolete.

Founded in 2009, FinancialForce is the world’s leading Cloud ERP vendor, with apps built entirely on the Salesforce App Cloud. Offering applications for Financial Management, Professional Services Automation, and Human Capital Management, the company’s offerings provide services-centric businesses with a platform that organises sales, services, finance and HR in a single view, merging the back office with the front office.

“Adding FinancialForce PSA has completed the circle of being able to respond and approach the customer in a true 360° view” said R.J Smith, CFO at Venture Technologies, adding “We can better forecast and also link product delivery to when services are going to begin occurring.”

FinancialForce PSA, recently recognized by the Technology Service Industry Association as the world’s most widely used PSA tool, connects sales and services organizations on the same platform to eliminate data disconnect and drive revenue growth. FinancialForce PSA was also recently named by G2Crowd as the application delivering the ‘highest overall satisfaction’ in the PSA category.

We recently spoke to Jeremy Roche, President and CEO of FinancialForce to find out why ERP is very much alive and kicking and the secret behind company’s huge success:

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