Exon Lab simplifies managing Kubernetes clusters with Containerum Software

Exon Lab launches Containerum Software on top of Kubernetes for simpler cluster management, teamwork and resource allocation

Jelgava, Latvia – April 25, 2018 – Exon Lab has launched Containerum Software designed to facilitate managing Kubernetes cluster across multiple clouds. Containerum provides High Availability Kubernetes-based infrastructure with software on top for resource management and teamwork.

The software is available as part of cloud-based platforms Containerum Online and enterprise-grade Containerum Dedicated that can be installed on AWS/GCP/Azure or on-premise.

Containerum Online Platform showcases key features of Containerum Software, including teamwork, and is designed for small and medium-scale projects. To address the issue of managing complex services deployed across various cloud providers, Containerum Dedicated allows uniting different clusters into a single hybrid cloud managed via powerful Web UI and CLI. Prospective customers can request demo access to Containerum Online or Dedicated by contacting sales department.

Konstantin Feofantov, CTO at Exon Lab: “Kubernetes has become a de-facto standard in cloud industry, but its complexity often restrains its adoption by teams who have little grasp of containers. We approached this issue by developing Containerum to power companies with robust tools on top of preconfigured Kubernetes for managing clusters and services. We made sure that Containerum is deployable on any infrastructure, be it company’s own data centers or third-party VMs in clouds.”

Vyacheslav Kozelsky, CEO at Exon Lab: “We are witnessing a steady rise in multi cloud adoption coupled with Kubernetes upheaval. Yet, many companies struggle to manage their services running in multiple clouds, that’s why we have developed a solution that solves this issue. Based on Kubernetes, Containerum allows IT teams to unite their distributed infrastructure into a single cluster, as well as as to leverage resource management and teamwork features that Kubernetes inherently lacks.”

About Exon Lab

Exon Lab was established in 2016 in Jelgava, Latvia as a software development company with a focus on cloud technologies and solutions for hybrid cloud management. The company offers a full range of development and consulting services in the field of virtualization, containerization, Kubernetes and DevOps.

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