Four Great Reasons to Outsource Your IT

Hiring an MSP Could Be Right For Your Business

In a fast-paced business world, operating in IT crisis mode can cost you your edge. Service interruptions may run your business thousands of dollars or more and leave your employees and customers twiddling their thumbs.

A managed service provider can spare you these costly disruptions. Instead of reacting to problems after they occur, outsourcing your IT resources to an MSP will keep your business running smoothly and your expenses manageable and predictable. Here’s why:

You take a proactive approach to your business’s IT needs.

In an increasingly complex networked environment, businesses of all sizes need a strategic approach to IT management. They must assess risks, determine plans for addressing potential problems, continually monitor IT systems, and remain informed of ongoing technology advancements.

For small- or medium-sized businesses, even those with a full-time IT manager, juggling these essential services can strain both your staff and your budget. Outsourcing these core tasks to a managed service provider means that your business’s IT services not only operate smoothly day-to-day, but ensure that you are prepared for new opportunities as well as threats.

You gain access to a knowledgeable team of professionals.

Whether your business employs an in-house IT manager or not, an MSP can add value. For many small businesses, having full-time technology staff can be too costly. An MSP offers the dual benefit of keeping IT costs low while simultaneously providing dedicated, advanced expertise in managing your network.

Even for businesses with an in-house IT professional, an MSP can supplement your technology plan by providing support for special projects or with concerns such as cloud computing or disaster recovery.

You enhance your security.

Cyber attacks and data fraud or theft are among the top concerns for businesses today. As attacks grow increasingly sophisticated, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have a sound approach to protecting your data. An MSP can offer peace of mind by implementing security measures such as firewalls and data backup.

An MSP can also offer additional cutting-edge security measures, such as testing for vulnerabilities, breach detection, and incident response. With news of large companies falling to major data breaches seemingly every other week, your company’s IT security is not something to take lightly.

Your IT costs are predictable.

IT crises cost your business, both in terms of employee and business downtime and in paying for retroactive fixes. Managed services will save you these unexpected expenses, instead offering you smooth, uninterrupted IT service paired with a predictable monthly cost.

Focus on your business

In addition, an MSP might be more cost-effective for you than hiring IT staff. Instead of budgeting for salary and benefits, not to mention working around issues such as vacation and sick leave, you’ll pay a set rate for continual services.

Whether you’re reeling from unexpected outages, concerned about security, or struggling to keep up with your company’s IT needs, a managed service provider may be the solution. Outsourcing your IT to experts will allow you to focus on what you’re really good at: running your business.