MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht on why Snowden should be pardoned

Europe’s most prominent data privacy campaigner talks Brexit, GDPR and whistleblowing

MEP Jan Philipp Albrect has been a strong proponent for civil liberties in the digital age. His crusade against state-sponsored data privacy invasion and the creation of the EU data protection directive GDPR is documented in the 2015 film Democracy: Im Rausch der Daten. He’s also the man who arranged for Edward Snowden to give pre-recorded testimony to European parliamentary members at an investigation into the Prism and Tempora intelligence programs. 

This week Mr. Albrect will speak at CeBIT, one of Europe’s biggest technology events. Coincidentally, Edward Snowden will also talk to event attendees to take questions from the CeBIT audience and Twittersphere via live video link from his Russian bolt hole. We spoke to Jan Philipp Albrect a few months ago about GDPR, the implications of Brexit and whether he expects the world-famous whistleblower to receive a pardon.

Mr. Albrect will speak in at 10:00-10:15, 23rd March in hall 8 at CeBIT 2017. Listen to our chat with him below:

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