What are the GUI Trends in the Antivirus Sector?

Some computer users believe an antivirus suite is only worth its salt as long as it protects them well.

Some will never install an AV tool if they don’t like its look and feel, no matter how high its malware detection and removal scores are. Well, every man to his taste. The top security software vendors realize this discrepancy and try to strike a golden mean. The designers of the modern antivirus software GUIs appear to be constantly struggling hard to win this esthetic race.

Naturally, there is a fair degree of bias regarding the criteria to separate the wheat from the chaff in this context. Most people will prefer a user interface that’s a no-brainer to navigate. Also, a good GUI should have a color scheme that doesn’t combine the uncombinable. Whereas the requirements are somewhat blurred, a number of antivirus products out there will definitely catch your eye. The main trend in vogue this year is a fusion of dark colors with green, blue and orange elements. Meanwhile, some vendors opt for minimalistic styling that’s also gaining popularity. Here’s our review of today’s most appealing antivirus interface designs based on specific security solutions.

#1 Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

The intuitive GUI of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus reflects a popular tendency of mixing hues of black and gray with bright-green and blue components in a harmonious, streamlined shape. The rectangular buttons for all critical features and controls fit into the main pane, with nothing redundant clogging it up. Therefore, the protection status information, different types of scans and other essentials are at the customer’s fingertips.


#2 AVG AntiVirus

At first sight, the graphical user interface of AVG AntiVirus appears reminiscent of the Bitdefender styling. The color scheme is also a blend of dark and green for the most part. As opposed to its lookalike, the GUI components are more rounded, the controls reside closer to the upper part, and the pane appears to be more stuffed with elements. Generally, this product is another embodiment of the overwhelming dark color trend.


#3 Avast Pro Antivirus

While the previous edition of Avast Pro Antivirus bore a strong external resemblance to the above AV products, the latest one goes a different route. It features a somewhat lighter color scheme and adds juicy orange elements to the mix. The upper-right and bottom-left corners of the interface are occupied with futuristic-looking orange graphics that dilute the prevalent dim gray coloring.


#4 Norton Security

Although the design of Norton Security stands out from the pack, it has numerous aficionados around the world. The GUI is very user-friendly, featuring a white color scheme with some inclusions of green and light-gray. This interface is remarkably easy to navigate and is a godsend for conservative users.


#5 Windows Defender

Windows Defender won’t leave the fans of old-school, minimalistic design-indifferent. Its invariably unpretentious GUI contains nothing but the essentials that suffice to run a scan, check for updates, view detections history and define antivirus exclusions. Although many people find this native Windows product too plain, it combines reliable protection and highly intuitive controls.


In summary, hi-tech designs with dark color schemes pose the dominating antivirus GUI trend at this point. Meanwhile, the theme of minimalism doesn’t lose relevance. In pursuit of a fancy interface, though, don’t forget about the efficiency of malware protection, otherwise your beautiful AV will miss ugly threats like ransomware and other. Also, make sure your security suite is up to date at all times.

Author: David Balaban