Machine learning with Haven OnDemand

Since its beta launch in 2014, Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Haven OnDemand has offered businesses and developers a self-service, cognitive API toolkit to create data rich applications.

Haven OnDemand runs on the HPE Helion cloud and enables customers to analyse all forms of data, including business data, machine data, and unstructured, human information.

So far thousands of developers worldwide have leveraged the platform to create a vast range of applications. The Haven OnDemand Developer Community now has over 12,000 members and the Hewlett Packard Enterprise continue to offer the service as a freemium model, where developers can build and test for free, making it accessible to early-stage start ups.

HPE now offers over 70 cutting-edge machine learning APIs, allowing businesses to harness the true business value of their data through a comprehensive set of use-cases including anomaly detection and insights from text, audio, video and images. Haven OnDemand’s APIs are also built to be combined, meaning developers can chain them together with ease to create even more powerful cognitive applications.

As part of our AI in Business Festival we recently spoke to Fernando Lucini, CTO for Big Data at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, to find out more about the platform:

Haven OnDemand’s Machine learning capabilities include:

Advanced Text Analysisextracting key meaning from language by employing powerful concept extraction capabilities that go beyond traditional approaches to obtain key concepts, entities and sentiment from text sources.

Format Conversion providing key functions to access, extract and convert information wherever it lives by supporting an extensive set of standard file formas and the ability to employ optical character recognition to extract text from an image.

Image Recognition and Face Detectionenabling applications to detect specific image features and code around human-centric use cases to identify the gender of an individual or key information such as a brand logo from within an image.

Knowledge Graph Analysis automatically delivering insights and predictions related to relationships and behavioral patterns among people, places, and things. These capabilities are very useful for analyzing social media and related data.

Predict and Recommend enabling developers to view patterns in business data to optimize business performance and build a set of self-learning functions that analyze, predict and alert based on structured datasets.

Speech Recognitionemploying advanced neural network technology to transcribe speech to text from video or audio files with support for over 50 languages.

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