CoScale aim to take the headache out of full stack monitoring

CoScale promises DevOps engineers full stack monitoring without the bloat

While many developers love using containers in their production environments, monitoring the thousands of metrics produced each second can prove challenging. Yet understanding the outcome of these metrics can be critical in helping to deliver a better end-user experience.

CoScale are aiming to help developers and DevOps engineers take the headache and cost out of performance monitoring. Their lightweight platform is optimised specifically for container and microservices environments and offers a full-stack view which integrates with Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift in production.

Full stack refers to a combination of front and back-end application components, as well as the infrastructure layer underpinning it all. Unlike other DevOps tools CoScale’s platform offers fully automated anomaly detection and event integration from deployment to marketing tools.

“The key driver for our customers to adopt container technology is being able to innovate faster” says Stijn Polfliet, founder and CEO at CoScale. “How can we make this visible. This is what performance monitoring is also about.”

It’s about showing the business KPIs – the most important metrics that impact the business.

UX First

Unlike the monitoring solutions built for the applications of yesteryear, the container movement requires a different approach – one that puts user experience and business impact at its core, and that’s where CoScale are aiming to help. The company also has the full backing of both Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. As well as being a successful entrant to Microsoft’s renowned Accelerator program, they’re also fully fledged members of HPE’s Cloud28+ community, recently described by 451 Research as the “biggest cloud aggregator” in the world.

We recently spoke to Mr Polfliet to find out how the insights provided by their platform can lead to real business outcomes – watch below