How Do You Get ROI From Energy-Hungry HPC?

Want to ensure a return from your power-intense High Performance Computing? Do it in Iceland

Cross industry enterprise HPC adoption is on the rise – all from reducing and cost cutting R&D processes, prototype testing and complex calculations – there are more reasons to take advantage of this products than not. In fact, businesses that have experienced the edge of massive compute repeatedly report that this adoption is now an essential part of their success.

Thorsteinn Gunnarson, CEO of Opin Kerfi in Iceland, explained to us why exactly companies decide to invest in their own HPC environments or consume HPC as a Service and what impact it has on their ROI. For example, a well-known auto manufacturer with their HPC cluster in Iceland today build a new prototype every two weeks – dramatically shortening their time to market and putting them at a tremendous competitive advantage.

Thorsteinn also adds how only the power and agility of High Performance Computing can enable us to cope and make sense out of data, real-time information and create business value in retail, public sector and improve everyday life especially in cities, powered by IoT through smart apps and real-time analytics and solutions – such as parking house availability updates and traffic alerts. HPC also makes real-time promotions possible through bringing understanding of individual buying behavior and preferences.

The two outstanding factors, however, are the cost- and time cutting which the conversation comes back to – and indeed – these are the two most pressing issues for any business cross-industry.

Opin Kerfi‘s proposition in HPC lies in the combination of processing power and a strategic, sustainable location. Operating own equipment or consuming as a Service from Opin Kerfi means dramatic cost reduction compared to an equivalent product elsewhere, as the energy is sourced from completely sustainable, natural sources – guaranteeing lowest price possible and together with free cooling of the datacenter this brings the running outlay down to a minimum.

The power-demanding technology is not a problem in Iceland – with energy accessibility, top-class security and optimal climate for just these pursuits, high performance computing thrives with Opin Kerfi. Not to forget, Iceland’s population and business environment boast a welcoming profile for datacenter and HPC establishments with relevant expertise access and high education per capita.

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