HPE and Veeam really are better together

Let’s face it. Hybrid IT is the “new normal,” but it’s a “normal” that can be very complex

Operating all of your apps and data across a multitude of technologies and platforms, places increased performance demands on IT. This is especially true since this approach involves operations in multiple, often remote locations; little tolerance for downtime; and constant human interaction. Just as important, any slow-down or disruption that occurs across the infrastructure stack (storage, networks, servers and VMs) causes an “App-Data Gap” that:
• Disrupts the application
• Makes users wait
• Can cause your business to lose some serious money – in some cases up to $150,000 per hour downtime*.

Zap the App-Data Gap

These dramatic impacts support our belief that this complexity – and the App-Data Gap that often results – has to be addressed in order to keep your business operations running seamlessly, while also helping you accelerating innovation.

The benefits are clear. Our latest research conducted by IDC* indicates that if you take some time to address the inefficiencies of your existing data protection environment, you can actually achieve compelling financial and availability enhancements. All you need do is make sure that any data protection and availability initiative includes elements that deliver a comparative market advantage as an integral part of the solution.

Easier said and done

HPE’s partnership with Veeam, can help you implement this type of solution and realize its proven benefits regardless of your organization’s size. With an integrated solution based on primary and secondary storage hardware from HPE and software from Veeam, you can create a highly-available, cost-effective, and efficient environment for storing, protecting and recovering data and VMs, while also benefitting from
• A 262% five-year ROI on your investment*
• Improved data availability
• Reduced risk of data loss
• Streamlined IT operations.

You can rely on this and the other joint solutions from the HPE – Veeam alliance because we bring you a complete tested and proven package that will deliver the results you seek right from the start. According to Milan Shetti, CTO of HPE’s Data Center Infrastructure Group (DCIG),

“The HPE – Veeam relationship has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. We are delighted that independent research from IDC supports what we have been saying: that customers are realizing strong tangible benefits from our joint data protection and availability solutions”

Take a look at the Business Value Snapshot to see some of the high level benefits that customers have seen through deploying a HPE-Veeam better together solution.

In today’s Hybrid IT world, there cannot be a “hope for the best” attitude towards data protection and availability. IDC’s research clearly demonstrates that a joint HPE and Veeam solution will help you make the most out of your availability and protection investments while you get back to focusing on what really matters with your digital transformation.

Read more about the “Business Value of High Availability Storage Environments from HPE and Veeam Software.” Download the IDC whitepaper research here.

Complete information on solutions from the HPE –Veeam alliance is available on the Veeam – HPE web site