HPE & GE Digital unite to transform IIoT

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and GE Digital have announced a strategic agreement to unite cutting-edge Internet of Things technologies from HPE with GE’s industrial expertise and its Predix platform to bring digital know-how to the industry sector.

Together, the two companies will enable industrial analytics from the edge to the cloud. This alliance offers a combination of HPE’s market leading hardware with GE’s for industry, by industry software to deliver a new suite of solutions for customers seeking to transform their businesses with real-time analytics and insights.

As part of this agreement, HPE will be a preferred storage and server infrastructure provider for Predix cloud technologies. To enhance the service offering and accelerate time to market, HPE will provide support for the design, implementation and rollout of the Predix platform, through its services and infrastructure offerings. GE will also leverage HPE technology for much of its virtual infrastructure as well as some OEM offerings.

HPE will help power the Predix platform with its IoT-optimized hardware and software. GE’s Predix platform will be a preferred software solution for HPE for industrial-related use cases and opportunities. Additionally, HPE plans to certify 100 developers on Predix globally. The two companies will jointly develop long-term partnerships to support the aerospace, oil and gas, manufacturing, automotive and energy industries.

“We are building an ecosystem with world-class partners who share our commitment to delivering better outcomes for our customers,” said Denzil Samuels, Head of Global Channels and Alliances, GE Digital. “By combining HPE’s key infrastructure capabilities with the Predix platform, we are enabling our customers with industrial analytics and the ability to leverage new insights that were not possible before.”

“In order to fully take advantage of the Industrial IoT, customers need data-center-grade computing power, both at the edge — where the action is — and in the cloud,” said Mark Potter, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Enterprise Group, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “With our advanced technologies, customers are able to access data center-level compute at every point in the Industrial IoT, delivering insight and control when and where needed.”

Predix is GE’s cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service for the Industrial Internet. Unlike other IoT and enterprise platforms available, the Predix platform is built exclusively for industry, providing GE and its partners with a platform designed to meet the unique strength, scale and security requirements of industrial data.

HPE provides an end-to-end Industrial IoT portfolio, supported by compute, networking, data analysis and security offerings and intended to simplify IoT solutions for customers. Together, these technologies will help HPE and GE industrial customers breakdown silos that once separated control systems and leverage next-generation sensors to distill insights and automate industrial environments.

“HPE is uniquely positioned to provide the necessary hardware, software and services to implement the advanced technology infrastructure required for GE’s Predix,” said Potter.

The market for Industrial IoT technologies is quickly expanding. IC Insights predicted Industrial IoT implementations would reach $12.4 billion in revenue in 2015, nearly doubling from $6.4 billion in 2012. The strategic partnership between HPE and GE furthers their commitment to accelerate real-time decision making and machine learning for their customers.

HPE offers a complete IoT suite that includes HPE Edgeline servers, HPE Haven OnDemand, a powerful cloud-based platform comprising more than 60 advanced machine learning APIs and services, and the HPE Universal IoT Platform, which provides ubiquitous connectivity for maximum scalability, modularity and versatility.