Enterprise-grade storage with an SMB price tag

The IT needs of modern start-ups and small to midsized businesses are often set against a backdrop of restrictive, sometimes entry-level budgets.

Whether it’s an ISV looking to accelerate their application or a growth business looking to modernise their IT, many SMBs are completely priced out of digital transformation, restricting their ability to innovate and scale up with the latest game-changing compute technologies.

As the undisputed global leader in servers and storage, Hewlett Packard Enterprise are now aiming to modernise the entry level space with a range of new shared storage solutions that deliver enterprise-grade capabilities to SMBs at under $10k (USD).

The HPE StoreVirtual 3200 offers an entry storage array from $6k that includes an easy on-ramp to software defined storage, while the HPE MSA 242 boasts hybrid flash for application acceleration. Both systems incorporate a variety of powerful data services including migration, tiered flash and embedded resiliency across multiple systems and sites.

“No matter your size, when it comes to today’s digital transformation, ‘good enough’ storage is no longer good enough,” said Bill Philbin, SVP and GM, Storage, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “By lowering the cost of flash and enabling a composable data fabric across storage systems and hyper-converged appliances, HPE is helping customers get off the disposable technology treadmill and onto storage they can grow with, not out of.”

StoreVirtual 3200

Built on their market leading software defined storage platform, the HPE StoreVirtual 3200 is packed with a range of features including a new dual-controller array based on the latest 64-bit ARM technology, a new RAID stack and advanced storage data services like snapshots, thin provisioning and replication, delivering a future-proof and risk-free route to growth and scalability for the SMB market segment. It’s composable data fabric spans HPE StoreVirtual Systems and VSA software running seamlessly on HPE ProLiant servers, HPE hyperconverged appliances, and HPE Synergy.

Constructed on a foundation with proven 5-nines availability, the HPE StoreVirtual 3200 is a new breed of StoreVirtual array that gives customers the flexibility to consolidate workloads, add flash as they go and scale with the growth of their business.

Also out of the box are advanced features that allow the system to address real-time workload changes by dynamically adjusting to I/O fluctuations. This approach utilizes a small amount of flash storage to deliver application acceleration without user intervention—making it ideal for server virtualization and productivity apps.


As a plug and play solution with what HPE call ‘zero learning curve’ , the StoreVirtual 3200 introduces SMB customers to the consumer-driven user experience based on the same intuitive design framework that HPE’s enterprise storage and data center customers have become accustomed to. This simplicity also extends to a new remote, cloud-based analytics capability featuring a built-in best practices engine and capacity planning tools to simplify management and reduce risk.

The HPE StoreVirtual 3200 provides cross-system and site resiliency and as well as built-in support for more than 2,000 snapshots for rapid, granular recovery designed to keep small to midsized businesses always on. For additional protection, with software such as HPE VM Explorer, data can be backed up and stored on HPE StoreOnce Disk Backup.

To ease the technology transition, tools such as HPE’s StoreVirtual Migration Manager software are available to simplify and de-risk workload migrations.  Existing StoreVirtual customers will find the StoreVirtual 3200 can provide the same performance and capacity at 58% lower cost than existing 2-node StoreVirtual 4000 configurations.

Industry’s leading entry SAN array gets flash makeover

The new HPE MSA 2042 takes HPE’s popular entry array—with almost 500,000 units sold to-date—and boosts it with greater levels of performance and functionality at a lower cost of ownership. It includes 800 GB of built-in SSD capacity plus an all-inclusive software suite that delivers enterprise-grade capabilities, from under $10K. With flash acceleration, automated tiering and data protection features now included at the reduced price, the MSA 2042 guarantees an up to 60% increase in database transactions per second and 80% faster application response times at 54% cost savings, making it ideal for customers looking to accelerate apps such as databases and consolidate on a proven platform. It also boasts simplified management, making it user friendly for IT generalists.

MSA2042 SFF array_ side view

To help businesses protect their data, the MSA 2042 includes out of the box support for up to 512 array snapshots along with remote application to any MSA system, providing affordable application  availability with instant recovery.  allows businesses to start small and scale with any combination of supported flash and traditional disk drives. As with the other members of the MSA family, the 2042 offers data-in-place upgrades that eliminate data migration headaches and allow customers to carry forward their drive investments.