HPE launch Modular ‘Micro’ Data Center for Distributed IT

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has introduced the HPE Micro Datacenter, a self-contained converged IT and facilities solution that incorporates compute, network, storage, and unified management control to provide customers a micro-modular data centre for distributed IT and edge computing.

Exponential growth in data has created a new level of demand on data centres. The need for localised content delivery and data analytics means enterprises may need to provide increased and timely compute resource both onsite and at distributed locations.

Modular data centres have become an answer to this challenge in that they are easily installed, self-contained, scalable and remotely managed.

The new HPE Micro Datacenter, which utilises HPE ConvergedSystems, HPE Hyper-Converged Systems, and HPE Edgeline solutions, bridges the gap between facility and IT requirements for customers that need a solution they can deploy quickly and easily, wherever needed.

Single Interface

This hybrid IT solution integrates data centre infrastructure management with HPE OneView IT infrastructure management to provide a single management interface with a converged view of IT and data centre facility from a customer’s centralised operations. In addition to pre-configured architectures, the HPE Micro Datacenter also supports custom configurations designed to meet the customers’ business requirements.

“Our production facility is remotely based, near the natural base of resources, making it a challenge to sustain IT infrastructure. Industrial systems integration was being compromised by IT limitations,” said Diego Avilés, CIO, Golden Omega.

“Current data centre facilities were subject to industrial environment risks, and security could be improved. A self-contained micro data centre was a clear solution. The HPE Micro Datacenter stood out because it was the only holistic solution, remotely manageable, that also provided the functional protection we needed.”

Featuring software-defined and cloud-enabled converged infrastructure, the HPE Micro Datacenter is optimised for hybrid IT operations. The solution aims to provide greater speed, agility and operational control than building a data centre or leasing space.

“Customers are telling us more and more they need compute where the work is done, but with enterprise data centre characteristics,” said Richard Einhorn, vice president, data centre consulting, HPE. “We are able to deliver a factory assembled, pre-integrated, pre-tested solution within weeks.”

HPE Micro Datacenter is immediately available from HPE and channel partners. Pricing will vary by customer configuration. Customers may utilise HPE Flexible Capacity, allowing them to scale and pay on demand.