HPE simplifies infrastructure management with announcement of HPE OneView 4.1

HPE OneView, the integrated management solution that transforms HPE compute, storage, and networking into intelligent, software-defined infrastructure, has sold one million licenses — a number that reveals a huge endorsement from customers

The award-winning infrastructure management solution is a big part of how HPE is helping customers worldwide tame their IT monster. HPE OneView helps you automate the deployment of your infrastructure, simplify your lifecycle operations, and increase productivity — from IT Ops to DevOps.

For the IT Ops team, HPE OneView lets you spend less time maintaining infrastructure and gives you more time to work on innovative projects. It also lets you offer your infrastructure as a service to organizations across your business, because it provides more flexibility in how you configure and set up your data center.

The new release of HPE OneView 4.1 includes several enhancements:

Accelerate your IaaS initiatives

  • Cluster profiles and rolling cluster updates for VMware vSphere cluster

Intelligently manage your infrastructure as workloads by deploying, updating, and automating your clusters with cluster profiles. Data centers may appear to be a collection of individual servers, storage, and networking, but in reality these components are often grouped together into the workloads and applications they serve.

With HPE OneView, these clusters can now be managed as one entity, taking advantage of the template-based provisioning that is core to the value of HPE OneView. Existing clusters can also be imported into OneView. With the new HPE OneView 4.1 cluster profiles capability, HPE OneView now allows you to manage your data center the way it is set up to serve your business. Current support for vSphere clusters with future support for other cluster types coming in 2019.

Simplify your end-to-end management

  • Better Pointnext services with HPE OneView Remote Technician

Get to resolutions faster with HPE OneView Remote Technician, a new Pointnext technology that allows you to securely and remotely troubleshoot live with an HPE service technician. Some problems in the data center simply can’t wait. With HPE OneView Remote Technician, temporary remote access can be granted to an expert who can help resolve an issue live, without the hassle of email service tickets. Approve secure access only on a case-by-case basis and watch as an HPE expert troubleshoots your data center issues.

  • Enhanced security

Increase security in the data center with FIPS validation and support for Commercial National Security Algorithms (CNSA) mode for HPE Gen10 servers with HPE OneView 4.1 and HPE iLO 5. HPE is the first server vendor to provide support for CNSA or CNSA suite, the very highest level of security and is typically used for the most confidential and sensitive data. HPE also provides FIPS 140-2 validation for cryptographic modules.

  • Firmware update enhancements

Significantly reduce or eliminate downtime for updates with HPE OneView 4.1 with orchestrated rolling cluster updates, online BIOS, firmware updates for ProLiant, and secure iLO repository offline updates. Rolling cluster updates allow users to automate cluster updates and eliminate downtime by keeping the workload up and running on available VMs while other servers get updated. HPE OneView online BIOS and firmware updates for rack and tower allow customers to apply the profile to the server while it is online, giving existing rack and tower customers the opportunity to install HPE OneView on existing equipment with zero downtime.

Offline iLO repository updates offer a faster, more secure update for Gen10 servers, reducing firmware update time by 50%. Keeping servers up to date with the latest firmware is extremely important for security and also makes sure that servers are running at top performance.

IT admins shouldn’t be afraid to apply updates as they come through because of concerns about downtime or security risks. With new enhancements to update capabilities for HPE OneView 4.1, IT can focus on tasks that bring value to the business, while HPE OneView takes care of updating servers with little to no downtime.

Bring more flexibility and control to your data center

  • NEW integration with Microsoft Azure Log for Analytics

HPE OneView for Microsoft Azure Log Analytics provides a bridge between Microsoft cloud management services and HPE hardware infrastructure. It manages your on-premises HPE infrastructure to bring visibility of the underlying HPE infrastructure. This visibility includes hardware and firmware inventory, infrastructure health and status, and long-term event correlation and trend analysis into the Microsoft Log Analytics running in the Azure public cloud.

Data is automatically collected from HPE OneView and HPE Synergy and processed using the Azure Log Analytics engine. The solution includes Azure Automation runbooks that drive the generation of log records from information collected from on-premises instances of HPE OneView and HPE Synergy, an Azure Log Analytics dashboard with HPE infrastructure information. Additionally, any log record in the dashboard provides a link to the underlying Log Analytics search query, which allows you to create powerful and detailed custom searches. A set of pre-defined saved searches is included to help navigate the log records generated by the solution.

  • NEW integration with VMware vRealize Orchestrator

HPE OneView for VMware vRealize Orchestrator helps customers automate complex IT tasks in an extensible and repeatable manner. It provides a predefined collection of HPE tasks and workflows that can be used in vRealize Orchestrator (VRO) with easy-to-use, drag and drop access to automation of HPE OneView managed hardware deployment, firmware updates, and other life-cycle tasks. HPE OneView for VMware vRealize Orchestrator allows the advanced management features of HPE OneView to be incorporated into larger IT workflows. HPE OneView workflows and actions can also be integrated in VMware vRealize Automation via vRealize Orchestrator.

  • Global Dashboard 1.5
    HPE OneView Global Dashboard 1.5 introduces enhancements including:
  • Increased security in the data center with FIPS support
  • Improved access security with two factor authentication
  • Scheduled automated reports
  • New contract and warranty report
  • New report for easy tracking of HPE OneView Licensing

HPE OneView 4.1 will be available by the end of June 2018. To learn more, check out HPE OneView  or read more with a free copy of HPE OneView For Dummies. If you are attending HPE Discover Las Vegas 2018, stop by any of the HPE OneView sessions or demos for an in-depth look at all of the new features and capabilities and talk with experts about how HPE OneView can simplify your infrastructure management.

And Tuesday June 19th, join HPE to celebrate reaching one million licenses sold from 6-7pm at the Hack Shack (Demo 429) with special appearances, giveaways, and the tastiest snacks and drinks.