HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged IT accelerates adoption with record quarter and customer choice award

HPE’s Composable strategy provides customers with a consistent cloud experience and to easily build a hybrid cloud environment

It’s a wildly exciting time to be working in the high tech industry. Customers are innovating faster and driving digital transformation in their data centers, and HPE is well-positioned with its Composable Cloud approach that helps to enable that transformation. HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), which is a key component within the broad HPE Composable strategy, is perfectly positioned for highly virtualized customers and especially those with ROBO and edge deployments. For larger, more dynamic private cloud environments, HPE Composable Cloud with Synergy or HPE Composable Cloud with ProLiant DL are perfectly suited. All components of our Composable strategy provide customers with a consistent cloud experience for IaaS, CaaS, and DBaaS, and enable them to easily build a hybrid cloud environment across public and private clouds.

As evidence of its success, HPE SimpliVity is experiencing rapid year-over-year growth of 100.6%—faster than the HCI market growth rate of 67.2%.[1] Also, HPE has just been named a 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Hyperconverged Infrastructure.

Customers I’ve talked to are benefiting with faster IT deployments, improved cycle times, and productivity gains. Particular to HCI, we’re seeing strong adoption of HPE SimpliVity in edge and ROBO use cases. Alterra Mountain Company, Flight Safety International, The Jackson Laboratory, Princeton Holdings, Promesa, and thousands of other HPE SimpliVity customers are shifting from spending valuable time and resources on operations to driving real business outcomes and innovation.

Resorts to Retail, Customers Benefit from HPE SimpliVity

Let me share some key customer use cases and reasons why customers are selecting HPE SimpliVity. We are witnessing adoption in use cases including multi-site data center consolidation; business-critical workloads, such as SAP HANA; private cloud; VDI; multi-site edge; and ROBO use cases. Customers in a variety of industries are seeing increased simplicity, efficiency, agility, and faster innovation cycle times using HPE SimpliVity, especially in edge and ROBO use cases.

For ROBO and multi-site edge use case, Jim Surlow, Sr. IT Architect at Alterra Mountain Company states it well, “We now have 39 nodes live at our various ski resort locations, and we continue to grow. We like the option to deploy as few as two nodes and get all the resiliency, performance, and services required to run a resort site. The feedback we’ve received throughout the organization from our HPE SimpliVity solution has been overwhelmingly supportive.” Alterra Mountain Company is achieving an average of 71.8:1 data efficiency and new levels of simplicity, as well as fast, effortless recovery of VMs.

For data center consolidation and data protection, The Jackson Laboratory is also benefiting from HPE SimpliVity across multiple sites from California to Maine. Eric Buzzell, Enterprise Architect states, “Our inventory queries are six times faster now. In the past, queries might take six or seven minutes. Now the queries on HPE SimpliVity are as low as one minute. Just a couple of minutes savings per query add up. Day in and day out over a year, it is immense. Plus HPE SimpliVity helps speed our backups and improves DR across sites.”

Princeton Holdings Limited is consolidating and improving their security posture with HPE SimpliVity and achieving better than 50% app performance and 43:1 data efficiency from inline dedupe and compression. The financial services company is prospering saying that HPE SimpliVity “allows us to sell more; it allows us to get more customers.”

Productos Metalúrgicos S.A. (Promesa) in Ecuador is leveraging HPE SimpliVity for their critical SAP HANA workloads. Miguel Sotomayor, CIO and IT director, was pleased that his organization was able to capitalize on the opportunity as soon as the SAP HANA HCI certification was completed. “HPE SimpliVity… delivered efficiency, speed, agility, and what the company expected the most: a disaster recovery site. This allows for availability of all applications, which has always been the main objective.”

HPE experiencing sustained growth and momentum

These are but a few of the thousands of customers benefiting from HPE SimpliVity. HPE is experiencing tremendous growth in the hyperconverged segment based on key differentiation in the HPE SimpliVity portfolio. To date, HPE has shipped tens of thousands of units of HPE SimpliVity units globally. In the company’s most recent quarter, HPE achieved its best quarter yet in terms of growth. We are also deeply honored and excited to announce that we’ve been recognized as a 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Hyperconverged Infrastructure. The Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice is a recognition of vendors by verified end-user professionals, taking into account both the number of reviews and the overall user ratings. These real customer reviews are powerful recognition, and we look forward to building on the experience that earned us this distinction.

These outcomes are a result of the core differentiation of the HPE SimpliVity offering that includes powerful software-defined capabilities: guaranteed data efficiency; built-in resiliency, backup, and DR; and VM-centric management, intelligence, and automation. Over one-third of customers achieve greater than 100:1 data efficiency, and they benefit from built-in data protection, rapid VM recovery to minimize downtime, overall simplicity, and consolidation. Recent innovations include new HPE SimpliVity with Composable Fabric, providing friction-free scaling, and ease of expansion and deployment.

To simplify and accelerate the journey to hybrid cloud enabling new services, improved time-to-market, and business growth, HPE has a broad, global presence and capabilities to help customers innovate faster. Through our composable cloud strategy, with automation, AI-driven operations, security, and compliance to deliver a turnkey solution ready to scale, HPE continues to work with customers to push the industry forward. As evidence, we recently announced Composable Fabric, which increases agility, enables friction-free scaling, and improves automation and intelligence. In the near future, we’ll expand capabilities to deliver on our vision to streamline IT operations with fast, simple, and efficient hyperconverged platforms that help customers solve their most challenging hybrid projects and enable digital transformation.

Thank you to our customers, partners, and employees for the diligence, hard work, and partnership that helped us achieve these great results and customer outcomes. Together, we have the wind at our back and are gaining momentum. To learn more and stay informed, please see HPE SimpliVity.

[1] IDC Q32018 Worldwide Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker

About the Author

Ric Lewis is the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software Defined and Cloud Group and Chief Technology Officer of Hybrid IT.