Why is hyper-converged so popular with SMBs?

The hyper-converged market is still fairly young but the general consensus among the leading industry analysts is that it will keep on growing. 

A 2015 survey by IDC found: “a marked correlation between higher levels of convergence and reduced IT costs per unit of workload, faster deployment, optimization of IT staff, and reduced downtime.” Which is no doubt why growing numbers of businesses worldwide have found hyper-converged systems suitable for their compute needs, changing the way IT is deployed and managed.

The promise of the consolidation of storage, servers and virtualisation into a single, simplified interface that allows users to deploy VMs in just 5 clicks, makes the IaaS solutions a fool-proof option for SMBs and businesses with remote offices.

“It’s simpler to operate, so it doesn’t always have to be an IT or technical expert in the field of virtualisation or storage” said Marcus Bentley, Chief Technologist, SMBs at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “You could potentially give to an office manager in a remote office the ability to create virtual machines, because it is that simple.”

We recently spoke to Marcus to find out why hyper-converged is proving so popular in the mid-market.

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