IBM debut hyper-secure blockchain framework and services

IBM have launched a new framework for securely operating blockchain networks, aimed at financial services, healthcare and the public sector.

In addition, the technology giant has also launched as a host of new services on the IBM Cloud, designed to meet highly stringent regulatory and security standards.

IBM is well known for it’s heavy investment in research and development projects. In working with teams of security experts, cryptographers, hardware experts and researchers, IBM set out to build essential new cloud services for tamper-resistant, trusted blockchain networks.

“Clients tell us that one of the inhibitors of the adoption of blockchain is the concern about security,” said Jerry Cuomo, vice president, Blockchain, IBM. “While there is a sense of urgency to pioneer blockchain for business, most organizations need help to define the ideal cloud environment that enables blockchain networks to run securely in the cloud.”

After working with hundreds of clients, startups and developers building blockchain applications, IBM is addressing specific security requirements in several ways, including cloud services with the highest Federal Information Processing Standards and Evaluation Assurance Levels  in the industry to support the use of blockchain in government, financial services and healthcare.

IBM is also making it easier to use their code based on the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project in any environment, and offering services on Bluemix, IBM’s cloud platform, to help developers quickly build applications. Voting, risk management, insurance, supply chains and IoT are some of the systems that are poised for dramatic change using blockchain networks.

We recently spoke to Luke Sully from the Blockchain Security Services team at IBM Security to find out more about the company’s vision for blockchain technology. Listen below

Defining a Security Framework for Blockchain in the Cloud

Built to help businesses quickly host secure, tamper-resistant networks and scale to thousands of users, IBM Cloud will allow production blockchain networks to be deployed in minutes, running signed, certified and tested Docker images with dashboards and analytics as well as support.

These new cloud services have been optimized for cloud-based blockchain networks by providing an auditable operating environment with comprehensive log data that supports forensics and compliance. Tamper-resistant storage of crypto keys and complete protection around the cryptographic module detects and responds to unauthorized attempts at physical access. Additionally, the IBM Cloud services enable blockchain peers to run in protected environments to prevent leaks through shared memory or hardware.

IBM’s Blockchain for Hyperledger Now Available on DockerHub

For organizations that need the flexibility to run blockchain on different cloud servers or devices, a signed, certified distribution of IBM’s code submission to the Hyperledger project is now available on DockerHub. Ongoing updates will provide new features including dashboards, analytics, chat support and exclusive network services.

IBM Blockchain for Bluemix Provides Developers New Flexibility

For application developers who want to get a blockchain environment running almost instantly and start building applications, the beta release of IBM Blockchain on Bluemix provides access to the very latest Linux Hyperledger code, updated as the code continues to emerge. Whether on DockerHub or IBM Cloud, IBM Blockchain supports multiple industries and diverse use cases.

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