Infor enhance employee learning with unique insights

Infor have launched a new addition to their popular Talent Management suite that delivers personalised workforce insights for employers.

The new Learning Optimization tool is designed to help employees and managers achieve top performance by delivering learning programs powered by science and aimed to increase employees’ unique behavioral alignments to their current and future roles. The tool also helps managers identify areas that need to be improved upon and automatically get recommended learning activities (books, courses, personalized coaching) for the entire team.

Infor Talent Management is designed to help enable organizations to keep critical talent engaged and motivated, while simultaneously supporting and aligning to strategic business goals. With Infor’s new Learning Optimization tool, organizations can scientifically match employees with learning opportunities, offering personalized learning and coaching at the individual level, to help resolve behavioral opportunities. This individualized learning is meant to help employees feel more connected to their jobs and ultimately help reduce attrition and flight risk.

Behavioral Fits

Infor Talent Management is also designed to help optimize strategic talent processes in a single solution by leveraging Infor Talent Science.  Infor Talent Management enables users to drive talent initiatives by assessing employees’ qualifications and behavioral fits to current and future roles, including “best fit” roles across the organization, helping organizations to identify, hire, develop, reward, and retain the best candidates and employees.

“Indiscriminate learning can decrease performance, and limit employee growth and potential. Infor understands that employees, at any level, need personalized learning to become top performers, and by providing managers with insights and tools to capitalize on employees’ behavioral strengths and characteristics, can help them directly impact success and influence business goals,” said Charles Cagle, senior vice president, HCM Development, Strategy, & Operations, Infor. “By harnessing the power of data science, managers can move from making personnel decisions based on gut feel to decisions informed by data-driven insights, thereby helping to optimize talent to create an educated, engaged, and agile workforce.”