Infor ERP now cloud-optimized for manufacturers

Infor have announced the Infor LN 10.5 suite has been released for manufacturing customers globally. 

Infor LN 10.5 is an ERP software platform with robust industry-tailored manufacturing functionality. This latest version is available on an open source technology stack through Infor Xi12. Infor LN now provides even greater flexibility to enhance manufacturing processes and includes new capabilities to ease implementation.

The latest Infor LN enhancements are designed to provide Infor customers with innovative capabilities for repetitive manufacturing and resource management. The solution also offers industry specific functionality for key manufacturing micro-verticals, including the Aerospace & Defense and Automotive industries, adding features such as contract flow down, new processes for revenue recognition and manufacturer certifications. Infor LN also includes industry specific capabilities that are aimed at helping customers in Industrial Machinery and High-Tech industries as well. Additionally, Infor LN also utilizes a new user interface that is easy to use with rich, beautiful aesthetics that match the amplified power of the principle functionally.

Infor CloudSuites also offer customers access to progressive industry-specific analytics delivered through a unified suite comprised of a unique user interface to make critical data and metrics even easier for end-users to analyze. The suite also utilizes Infor ION and Infor Ming.le, a purpose-built middleware and social collaboration engine which facilitates internal and external communications between customers and their suppliers. These enhancements support globalization by allowing users to view real-time data at any time and from any location. Infor LN enables applications to be launched remotely, which in turn can provide access to emerging partners, suppliers and joint ventures.

Reduced Costs with Cloud

Customers will be able to implement Infor LN and experience a reduced upfront total cost of ownership by using the same great solution as a cloud-hosted deployment that runs on the Amazon Web Services platform on a monthly subscription basis, without the need to purchase additional onsite servers and hardware or hire supplementary IT staff.

“Companies that manufacture complex products need technology with industry-tailored functionality that is intuitive, user-friendly, and can be implemented quickly for a smaller capital investment than many of the traditional alternatives available on the market today,” said Edward Talerico, industry and strategy director, Infor. “Infor is meeting the demand of the manufacturers and the users by creating software that improves the way people work.”

The latest release of Infor LN is a direct reflection of Infor customer feedback and delivers strategic enhancements to best align with a progressive roadmap of modern business applications. With extra mile capabilities for micro-verticals such as aerospace, defense, automotive, industrial and high-tech manufacturing and after-sales services, customers can scale the solution to fit the unique needs of the organization.  Separate components for Supplier Collaboration, Enterprise Asset Management and Configure Price Quote are also available to be added on along with a full suite of modules to support customers’ enterprises.

Infor CloudSuite products take advantage of AWS expertise and can deliver economies of scale by leveraging software-as-a-service to create access to resources on demand and with auto-scaling that is built into the Infor applications. AWS provides services in 10 Regions, with 25 Availability Zones and 51 Amazon CloudFront Edge locations globally.