Informatica helps businesses fix data

The ongoing explosion in cloud applications means that organizations now have vast amounts of data in numerous places and there is no easy or automatic way to ensure data quality across all data sources and types.

“According to TDWI, bad data is costing U.S. businesses $600 billion a year, demonstrating the need for effective data quality solutions,” said Amit Walia, executive vice president and chief product officer, Informatica.

Informatica is now offering an innovative, new approach to improving data quality designed specifically to turn this situation around. The company are using the Salesforce circus Dreamforce to debut their Informatica Cloud Data Quality Radar, an innovative, self-service data quality solution for business users.

In today’s business environments, data owners and users must be actively involved in keeping data clean, regardless of where it resides. Informatica Cloud Data Quality Radar is the first cloud-based solution that will empower business users and data analysts to easily identify, fix and monitor the quality of data within and across all of their applications, cloud or on-premise; thereby realizing faster and better business outcomes.

“Informatica Cloud Data Quality Radar empowers business users to govern their data using quality rules and exception management processes while IT retains control.” continues Walia.

“Rather than risky manual interventions or fragmented point solutions for each application silo, organizations can now increase confidence in all their data in an automated, holistic and easily afforded fashion. They can now also quickly and effectively leverage data for business advantage.”

Informatica Cloud Data Quality Radar helps drive:

Increased usefulness of data – Business users can now utilize a single, automated solution to identify and prioritize data quality issues in their applications, using interactive dashboards to visualize current status, trends and developing hotspots. This helps ensure that data is in the right shape to drive such business outcomes as deeper customer engagement, improved cross- and up-sell activities, better customer segmentation, increased marketing effectiveness and sales team productivity.

Reduced reliance on IT – Users leverage automatic, content-driven assessment to accurately identity and rapidly resolve their most pressing data quality issues without always turning to IT for help.

Simplified administration and lower overhead – Instead of a collection of point solutions, organizations gain a single, easy-to-use, self-service data quality tool across all departments, applications and deployment models, 100 percent in the cloud and delivered as an economically priced subscription service.

Data privacy and security – Because the data is not staged on individual machines for remediation, it does not get replicated.

Informatica Cloud Data Quality Radar for Salesforce will be available in November on a subscription basis. Salesforce users are invited to take advantage of a free 30-day trial offer. Its use requires no installation, no detailed configuration and no specialized data quality expertise. Starting in 2017, Informatica Cloud Data Quality Radar will integrate closely with other business applications, including enterprise favorites Marketo and NetSuite.