Innovating Faster with Containers: How Do You Keep Track?

Developers love containers – but monitoring the data can be a burden

Today’s enterprises are breaking down their large monolithic applications into smaller components to enable them to iterate and spin up services quicker and more dynamically. This move towards container development via tools like Docker, Kubernetes and Open Shift has been a seismic shift in the development process.

But while many developers love using containers in their production environments, monitoring the thousands of metrics produced each second can prove challenging. Understanding the outcome of these metrics can be critical in helping to deliver a better end-user experience.

It needs “a different approach” says says Stijn Polfliet, founder and CEO at CoScale.

What we see today is that we’re capturing thousands of metrics wheas with traditional IT it was hundreds of metrics. Your monitoring solution has to understand we’re in a very dynamic environment.

We spoke to Stijn in depth about the challenges around container monitoring. Listen below or on Apple Podcasts

CoScale are aiming to help developers and DevOps engineers take the headache and cost out of performance monitoring. Their lightweight platform is optimised specifically for container and microservices environments and offers a full-stack view. Unlike other DevOps tools CoScale’s platform offers fully automated anomaly detection and event integration from deployment to marketing tools. CoScale were winners of  the 2016 Microsoft Accelerator program.

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